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Transparent Bra Collection

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Transparent Bras : Don all your designer bare back and low back outfits with ease wearing transparent bras by Clovia. This collection of transparent bras features clear shoulder straps and back band which makes them an ideal solution for all your tricky outfits. Transparent bras at Clovia are available in many colours ... Read more

                            Transparent Bras 


Transparent Bras for A Confident You

How many clothes do you shop for but don’t end up wearing due to lack of a good bra? We’re sure there must be at least a few outfits lying in your wardrobe that are still waiting for a chance to be flaunted. Thankfully, there are tons of functional bras available today that give you the flexibility to experiment with your style and make a statement, one of them being the transparent bras. Like their name suggests, they allow some kind of transparency, however, there are two types of transparent bras that you should be well versed, in order to make the right choice.

What are the Types of Transparent Bras?

1. Transparent lace bras: One of the sexiest styles, these bras are made of exquisite lace fabric, making a treat to the eyes. They are highly popular amongst young girls and newlyweds as they are perfect for every bridal trousseau. These lace transparent bras are non-padded and usually come with adjustable shoulder straps to provide a snug fit. If you have heavier bust size, you can choose lace bras with underwires to get the much needed lift and support.

2. Bras with transparent straps: These bras come with transparent straps and back band, making a perfect solution for all your tricky outfits, such as off shoulders, tubes, backless ones, and more. They provide a smooth silhouette underneath most of your outfits and are super comfortable.

How to Wear a Transparent Bra?

If you’re wearing a transparent lace bra, you don’t have to do anything extra and wear it just like your ordinary bra. However, if you’re wearing a bra that comes with detachable transparent straps, you can choose whatever seems comfortable. You can either remove the straps altogether and wear it like a strapless bra or you can choose to show those clear straps if you’re not okay with wearing a strapless bra and need the support of straps. Sure, the latter option won’t be completely invisible, but it will still be a better alternative to the completely visible straps.

What to Wear with a Transparent Bra?

Like mentioned above, there are a lot of tricky outfits you can pair transparent bras with. Here are some of them.

1. Off shoulder- Say goodbye to the visible straps underneath those off shoulder outfits with transparent bras. They give a much cleaner look & smoother silhouette.

2. Tube- Whether you’re going partly bare shoulder or completely bare shoulder, transparent bras are a saviour. Just detach the straps and wear your bra like a tube one to blend with your outfit.

3. Backless- Want to go bold in backless? Opt for transparent bras without any hitch. They let you flaunt your outfit in the most gorgeous manner whilst providing ample support.

Having that said, it’s time you unlock some of your sexy outfits with transparent bras available at Clovia. We have some of the finest designs and styles to keep you on point in all those tricky outfits without worrying about tacky visible bra straps.

If you further more want to know more, here are some frequently asked questions about transparent bras to ease your doubts.


Q1. Are nude bras and transparent bras the same?
A1. No. Nude bras have a colour that blends with your original skin tone, making it completely invisible underneath white outfits. On the other hand, transparent bras are the ideal choice for tricky outfits, such as off shoulder, tubes & backless outfits.

Q2. How to choose a transparent bra?
A2. Like other bras, the one parameter that you can’t miss while shopping for a transparent bra is size. Stay true to your size, rest assured, the bra will do wonders.

Q3. Is it normal for a transparent bra to be uncomfortable?
A3. No. If a bra actually fits you right, it won’t be uncomfortable. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s time to change the bra.

Q4. How many transparent bras should you own?
A4. It’s all about your usage & preference. Ideally, you should have 2-3 transparent bras in your closet.

Happy shopping!

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