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Push Up Bras

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Push Up Bras : A gentle lift in the right direction can get you that perfect oomph and lift. Yes, we are not talking about any ordinary bra, we are talking about the push-up bras that can add a dash of bling to your boring wardrobe. Our push-up bras are designed exclusively to give you that enhanced cleavage along ... Read more

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Give Your Breasts the Perfect Lift with Push Up Bra

In life, sometimes all you need is a little push to be the best version of yourself. If you’re not happy with how your breasts look and have always craved for fuller breasts, you need to choose the right type of bra. And what better can it be than a push-up bra! We are here to your rescue with our wide range of push up bras that provide just the right amount of lift and support to your breasts, enhancing their shape and cleavage. They can literally do wonders by giving you that flattering silhouette.

Why Should You Buy a Push Up Bra?

There is a myth that you need a push-up bra only if you have smaller breasts. Let’s break this myth and introduce you to the other benefits of a push-up bra and why it is a must-have in every closet:

More support provided by the extra padding: The added lining and extra padding give support to your breasts and prevent them from sagging.
Better shape to your breasts: Push-up bras not only lift and enlarge your breasts but also hold your breasts in place, thus giving a better shape.
Defined contour & cleavage: The cleavage gets better defined with a push-up bra. Wearing a push-up bra gives a proper contour to your breasts.

The Use of Push Up Bras

Their basic function is to push your breasts towards the centre, giving that gorgeous cleavage. It helps increase the volume of your breasts visually, boosting your confidence level. The amount of push is further dependent on the thickness of padding.

Types of Push Up Bras

Based on padding, push up bras are further categorized into three types- Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Level 1: They have a very light padding that simply provides a gentle lift, resulting in a more natural look. These are a great option for people who either have semi-full or full breasts, but simply want a more rounded shape.

Level 2: They provide a moderate lift. If your breasts are widely placed, this is your best bet. It will give you that amazingly attractive cleavage and lift.

Level 3: If your cup size is small, but want that extra oomph, these are totally your pick. They add tremendous volume to your breasts, perking them up in a gorgeous manner. However, if your breasts fall under the full or semi-full category, these are a big no-no.

Based on styles, push up bras are of the following categories:

Regular push up bras: They are crafted with usual fabrics, such as polyamide and cotton. They are the perfect partner to your everyday outfits.

Lace push up bras: They are undeniably a must-have for every bridal trousseau. They are ultra-romantic and feminine, making a perfect pick for those passionate nights.

Strapless push up bras: If you want to wear strapless and off-shoulder outfits, these are definitely your thing. You can rock all your party outfits wearing them with ease.

Stick-on push up bras: They are similar to silicon bras, but they are crafted using fabric. They include a lace up detail at the front, which allows you to take control of the push up level.

Push up Padded bras: A push up padded bra needs to be present in every wardrobe, for those special occasions. Choose the level of push, based on your preference and give volume to your assets with a padded push-up bra.

Push up T-shirt bras: A push-up T-shirt combines the comfort of a T-shirt bra and the sexy quotient of a push-up bra. It can be worn as an everyday wear bra and is apt for giving volume to your assets, depending on the level of push.

Tips to Buy a Push Up Bra

Stick to the correct size: This is highly imperative. You don’t have to go a size up or size down. Stick to your regular bra size for the perfect fit.

Pick the right material: If breathability and comfort is your top priority, cotton makes the perfect pick. If you’re looking for something on the sexy side, lace gives that gorgeous charming look. You can also go for polyamide for seamless finish.

Choose your level: Last but not the least, choose the level depending on the amount of push you want. If you simply want a lift, level 1 is best suited. If you want a little perky cleavage along with a gentle lift, go for level 2. And of course, if you crave for bigger breast size, level 3 push up bra is just the perfect bra.

Shop Push Up Bras from Clovia

No matter what your breast shape or size is, we got your back. We not only have a wide range of levels and styles to choose from, but also a plethora of bridal and casual designs to suit your preference. We ensure that our bras are crafted using finest fabrics that compliment your body perfectly. So, get set shop!


Q1. When should you wear a push up bra?

A1. If you want to enhance your breast shape and get a fuller appearance, push up bra is the right pick for you. It is also perfect for bridal trousseau.

Q2. What do you wear with a push up bra?

A2. It is totally a matter of choice. However, it gives that gorgeous perky appearance under those low cut tops, dresses, and blouses.

Q3. What is the difference between a push up bra and a regular bra?

A3. A regular bra provides you good fit and support. However, if you want more from your bra like perkier breasts and attractive cleavage, a push up bra is your best mate. It pushes your breasts towards the centre gore, enhancing and uplifting them significantly.

Q4. Can you wear a push up bra daily?

A4. As long as you aren’t compromising with the quality, it is totally safe to wear them daily. Just make sure you’re wearing the correct size- the one that you choose in a regular bra. And of course, choose comfortable and breathable fabrics.

Q5. Does wearing a push up bra make your breasts grow?

A5. There is a common misconception that wearing a push-up bra will make the breast grow. There is only an illusion of bigger breasts because the build of push-up bras is such that it pushes the breasts upwards making them look bigger. Wearing a push-up bra will not make the breasts grow but wearing one in the right size will definitely make you feel more comfortable.

Q6. Is push up bra good for women with bigger breast size?

A6. Yes, totally. Just make sure you wear one with light padding for you don’t want to increase bulk or cause spillage. Women with smaller breasts can certainly opt for heavy padding.

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