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Nursing Bra / feeding bra

Nursing / Feeding Bras : Motherhood brings joy in every woman's life, but, it also welcomes some feeding woes. Nursing bras with middle buttons or upper hooks takes care of all these issues. also, with absorbent cups, it can take away the embarrassment of unwanted secretion.

Feeding Bras

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Feeding & nursing bras online shopping

Women play different roles in everyone’s life in the world. When someone said “Women are the real architects of society”, they were not wrong. One of the best roles that you can think about playing being woman is a mother. Nurturing babies with all their love and care is the best relationships in the world.

Having said that, Clovia realises that in today’s world, women sitting at home raising babies is a passé. Hence, here we come with a range of nursing bras for the working and non-working women with the convenience of bra online shopping.

Let’s check some of the benefits of this range. 

Open flap design

Nursing a baby while you are out somewhere can be sometimes a little difficult as keeping your modesty intact can become an issue. While searching for maternity innerwear online, you will find that only a small portion of the cup can be removed for breast feeding. But with us, you can find nursing bras or feeding bra where the major portion of the cup comes off. The only reason for this designed is to facilitate the baby’s comfort as they can become really fussy when feeding. 

Absorbent fabric

Now, one of the biggest issues faced by feeding mothers is secretion and, believe me, this can happen anywhere. While you may try to hide this under your hand or a cloth, but self-consciously you will always keep on thinking about it. Now, our nursing bras or maternity bra have been designed with absorbent fabric on the inner lining thereby making life a lot easier for feeding mothers. 

Wide seams and cushioned straps

I have heard many mothers complain about heavy breasts while they are feeding and this can be a discomfort when you are wearing a normal bra. The straps keep on digging deep on your shoulder bones making it sometime completely impossible to move due to the pain. Keeping this in mind, we at Clovia have ensured that the straps are cushioned with soft fabric and tricot lining making the feeding bras absolutely painless. Along with this, we have also made the side seams wide to ensure better support and fit. 

So, now you have a fair idea about maternity lingerie available at Clovia. Your baby brings in a bundle of joy in your life. Take out the discomfort from feeding your baby and let your little one’s smile reach your lips. 

Congrats for the new born! 

Happy Feeding!

Buy lingerie online in India at Clovia for some great deals and discounts on your favourite feeding and maternity bra picks.

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