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Maternity Wear

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Maternity Wear : Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in every woman's life. It does not only change your life but also brings major changes to your body too. For this beautiful phase of your life, comfy & stylish maternity wear can make everything more amazing. They can keep you in your comfort zone while making y ... Read more

                            Maternity Wear

Buy Comfy and Stylish Maternity Wear Online

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful phases of life. However, the onset of pregnancy also means tons of changes, not just in terms of lifestyle, but also appearance. Thankfully, now you can make peace with the growing changes in the most comfortable and stylish way possible, thanks to maternity wear, which is getting as functional as ever lately.

Maternity Wear

Maternity dresses are specially crafted for pregnant women, so they can feel confident and beautiful inside out. These pregnancy dresses are designed to accommodate the changing physical constructs of pregnant women’s bodies for utmost comfort even during this sensitive period of life.

Why is it Important to Wear Maternity Wear?

During pregnancy, your body undergoes a lot of physical changes. Here, your regular dresses just won’t do for they restrict your movement. On the other hand, maternity dresses are cut and stitched according to belly growth. These pregnancy dresses ensure that the accurate amount of space is there in the apparel without making it look oversized.

Choose the Right Maternity Wear

When it comes to choosing perfect wear during pregnancy few points that you can’t overlook are:

● Comfort is the topmost priority for an expecting mother.
● Loose clothes are bliss as they don’t curb the blood flow, and moving becomes easy.
● Always go for natural plant-based fabric, such as cotton, modal etc. These fabrics are soft & breathable and maintain body temperature perfectly. And they are great for hygiene as well, especially in underwear.
● Go for stretching fabric that grows with your growing belly.

Types of Maternity Wear

When it comes to maternity wear, there are numerous clothing types available in the market. You can explore our range to get some of the best mommy picks. We have narrowed our list below.

1. Maternity Bras: They come with overlapping fabric on the cups and convenient slip-on hooks. These hook closures make feeding easy and hassle-free for new moms. Offering full coverage and utmost comfort, they are the ideal pick for those sensitive times.

2. Maternity Panties: These are usually high-waist, providing full rear coverage. The waist coverage is ideal to cover your tummy comfortably. They are crafted with soft stretchable cotton that is easy on the skin and soft anti-chafe elastic along the waistband and leg openings for a comfortable fit.

3. Maternity Nightsuits: They are made using soft and breathable fabrics, keeping all the mommies free from rashes and irritation, ensuring maximum comfort. Featuring concealed zip enclosures and buttons, they allow convenient feeding for maximum ease. Their silhouette is also super flattering at the same time to compliment the curvy mommy figure.


Now that you’re well versed with maternity wear, it’s time you invest in some quality pieces from Clovia. We also have a plethora of solution-based styles, such as no-sag bras for curvy women, multiway bras for tricky outfits, invisible bras & more for every season and reason. So, wait no more and dive into this phase with grace.

FAQs -

Q.1. When should you start wearing maternity wear?
A.1. Maternity wear can be worn both during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Ideally, you should start donning maternity wear once you are 3 months pregnant till the time you feed your baby.

Q.2. How do I determine the size of maternity wear for myself?
A.2. Before purchasing any maternity wear measuring yourself is mandatory. While shopping online do refer to the size chart of that particular brand.

Q.3. Which clothes should I avoid during pregnancy?
A.3. Avoid fitted outfits and outfits crafted with synthetic fabrics. Such outfits can curb blood flow and breathability.

Q.4. Is it okay to wear leggings while pregnant?
A.4. It’s perfectly okay to wear leggings during pregnancy as long as you are wearing maternity leggings. Refrain wearing the regular leggings as they won’t be great for your bump.