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                            Top Pyjama Sets 


Women’s nightwear has seen an inclination in designs and categories over time and has been a favourite during work for home environments. Pyjama sets are a great investment piece considering it is both comfortable and stylish. Clovia is one brand that understands Indian women and their fits & needs. Clovia is your one-stop solution for all trendy top & pyjama sets. From bright colours to quirky prints and from button-downs to casual styles, you name it and we've got it. Crafted from comfortable fabrics like cotton, rayon and satin, these pyjamas sets are the best ones you could ever own. Fun Fact- all pyjamas at Clovia have pockets!

Pyjama Sets

Sets are a great addition to your wardrobe since it has been already paired with a tee for you, making it easier and time-efficient for days you quickly want to slip into stylish yet comfy loungewear.

Types of Women Pjyama Sets

Printed Pyjama Sets This set has a visual appeal of great prints which you’ll enjoy. Ranging from floral to geometric prints, you’ll find several options for a printed set. Some sets have a printed top & a solid bottom that goes in contrast with each other. In addition to that, you can find tees with quirky text prints that’ll speak your mind out loud.

Button-Down Shirt & Pyjama Sets The shirts have a full button placket that comes in both long and short sleeves for you to choose. The set comes in varied designs and patterns that are uber comfy and latest on trends. The pyjama sets come in several colours ranging from bright to pastels.

Satin Pyjama Sets One of the most premium ranges of pyjama sets is the one that is crafted from rich satin fabric that has a butter-soft finish and a subtle sheen to it. Satin is a great material for someone with sensitive skin as it won’t be scratchy on your skin. The look of satin screams elegance so imagine how elegant it would look on you. You can pink from printed satin or solid colours as both look exceptionally put together.

Wrap Around Pyjamas Adding to the list of incredible styles we have, wrap-around pyjamas that are chic yet effortless. These stylish pyjamas are great to lounge in or can be worn out for your evening strolls, or while running errands. They are comfortable yet stylish and will ensure that you are dressed up, even at home.

Pyjama Sets with Top & Robe Robes work as a great accessory for a pyjama set as it makes you look more dressed up while maintaining modesty. Especially for newly wedded brides, this could be a great addition to your bridal trousseau.

Comfort Comes in All Sizes Clovia crafts its design in several sizes to suffice each customer's needs. The sizes range from S to XXL and will fit your body like a glove. If you like a style, we definitely will have it in your size for you to purchase it.

Best Fabrics for Women’s Pyjama Sets

Cotton women’s pyjama sets are great for the breezy feels during summer as they are light and soft on the skin. It is known that pyjamas crafted with cotton allow you to sleep better. Wearing a cotton pyjama set has the added benefit of keeping you odour free, even during hot summer days. Clovia also has PJ sets that are made of rayon fabric that stays wrinkle-free, giving a well-put appearance. In the longer run, your PJ sets will look new even after several washes since rayon retains its colour. Women’s PJ sets should be made of soft and comfortable fabric for you to lounge and sleep in since harsh fabrics tend to disrupt sleep. As for the winter season, we have a collection of sets crafted with cotswool & velour that’ll keep you warm and have a snug fit to it.

Clovia prides itself in providing the best of pyjama sets in varied styles, patterns, designs, and colours that flatter every Indian body type. Clovia pyjamas have pockets for utility purposes and added style. Clovia believes in giving premium quality to the shoppers while maintaining an affordable price range. Shop the latest trend that suffices the need of dressing up even while you’re lounging or enjoying a beauty nap.


● Are satin pyjama sets comfortable?
Satin is a soft fabric that is comfortable yet looks elegant. Satin tends to retain its shape and stays wrinkle-free, making it a great choice of fabric for pyjama sets.

● What is more comfortable - pyjama sets or nighties?
Both nighties and pyjama sets are comfortable. It’s about your personal preference of what style best suits you or the style you feel the most comfortable in.

● Which fabric is best for pyjamas sets?
The best fabric you can pick in terms of pyjama sets is cotton, rayon, and even satin. They are soft on the skin and best to sleep in, considering they have a smooth texture.