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Bikini : What could be the best outfit to rock on a beach trip or a pool party than a sexy bikini set? No matter how many swimwear styles come by, a two-piece bikini swimsuit has been undeniably a favourite among women for ages. With that said, we have numerous sexy bikini dress sets in halters, push-ups, ba ... Read more

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Flaunt Your Figure in Bikini Swimsuits

With the official start of summer, the bikini season begins. Before addressing it as a swimwear style we prefer to call it bikini. Because it is one of the most popular styles, thanks to its amazing appearance. Whether you want to sit by the pool or lay by the beach, it is the perfect swimwear for all your needs. No matter what your body type, colour or preference is, bikinis have a lot for you.

Bikini is a 2-piece swimsuit that has a top and bottom. Both come in many styles which allows you the pair for you. Plus, there are numerous designs and prints to choose from! All you have to do is figure out which sexy bikini dress would compliment you the best and let yourself loose by the pool.

Types of Bikini Swimsuits

1. Bandeau: You got it? Flaunt it! Bandeau bikini is all about a strapless bathing top and tiny cheeky bottoms. It fits breasts like a band and is a great alternative when you don’t want those uneven tan lines. Although any woman can wear a bandeau bikini, it works best for women with that perfect hourglass figure.

2. Halter: Halter bikini top has no defined straps and is tied at the neck and back. It has a higher neck than your usual bikinis and looks uber chic, much different from other styles.

3. Balconette: Need a bikini set that accentuates your curves beautifully? Opt for the balconette bikinis! They are gradually earning great popularity as the wide-set straps give a chic look to the swimsuit while providing adequate support to the breasts.

4. Triangle: This hot bikini style is a true classic! It forms a triangle-like shape at the front and you are supposed to tie it at the back, similar to a halter neck. If minimal coverage is what you’re looking for, this is the bathing suit you should go for. Super sexy!

5. Off the shoulder: Have always been a fan of those off the shoulder tops? It’s time you give this swimsuit a try! It is a great choice if you want to enjoy similar perks of a usual bikini along with decent coverage. Rock all those beach days and pool parties by baring your shoulders with statement off shoulder bikinis.

6. Ruffle: If you prefer fun and flirty over hot and sexy, ruffle swimsuits are the ideal pick. They are really graceful & effortless, and are sure to make you stand out. You can also pair a ruffled top with denim shorts to laze around the beach.

7. High waist bottoms: These bikini styles have taken the swimwear industry by rage lately. While high waist bikinis are best suited for curvy women, they are also becoming a real favourite of skinny women out there. Almost every woman now prefers the modesty and style offered by these high waist swimsuits.

Tips to Choose a Bikini

1. Consider your body shape: Different body shapes flatter different bikini styles. If you’re apple-shaped, a tankini would be your choice. If you have a straight body, go for swimsuits with ruffles and cuts for dramatic figures. Similarly, if you’re on the athletic side, sporty swimsuits are your thing. For a pear-shaped body, high-coverage bottoms with a sexy little bandeau top are an excellent choice. If you want to know about more bikini styles as per the body types please read on.

2. Choose pattern wisely: If you didn’t know it already, patterns can do the trick and enhance your appearance significantly. For instance, if you have belly fat, vertical stripes and dark colours will help conceal fat. You should also go for ruffled styles to give the appearance of a toned body.

3. Pick the right material: This goes without saying. You got to choose a fabric that is sturdy enough to keep your body firm and easy as you take those dips in the pool. It should withstand the elements and retain the quality over a period of time.

4. Fit: Your swimsuit should have a second skin fit. Since you’ll literally have to swim, play around and jump in it, you can’t compromise with an uneven fit. It shouldn’t fall out of its place, so make sure you run a few hits and trials wearing it.

Bikini For Every Body Type

When it comes to choosing a bikini that flatters your body type, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Here are some tips for finding the right bikini for your body type:

1. Pear-shaped: If you have a pear-shaped body, with wider hips and a smaller upper body, consider bikinis with a darker bottom and a brighter top to balance your proportions. You can also opt for high-waisted bottoms to elongate your legs and draw attention to your waist.

2. Apple-shaped: If you have an apple-shaped body, with a larger upper body and narrower hips, look for bikinis that provide support for your bust, such as halter or underwire tops. Bottoms with a higher waist can also help to balance out your proportions.

3. Hourglass-shaped: If you have an hourglass-shaped body, with a defined waist and equal proportions on the top and bottom, you can wear just about any style of bikini. Look for styles that accentuate your curves, such as bandeau or triangle tops and high-cut bottoms.

4. Athletic-shaped: If you have an athletic-shaped body, with a straightener, more athletic build, consider bikinis with ruffles or embellishments to add some femininity and create the illusion of curves. You can also opt for tops with padding or push-up to add some volume to your bust.

5. Plus-sized: If you're plus-sized, look for bikinis with supportive, underwire tops and high-waisted bottoms to smooth and shape your curves. Darker colours and patterns can also be slimming.

To know what works best for you have to try different styles. Choose a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable. 

Buy Bikini Online at Clovia

Clovia has all popular bikini styles in all possible sizes. Choose the style that suits you in a colour that you love. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our sexy bikinis and shop today! If bikinis are not your thing, no problem! We have tons of other swimwear options in store for you like monokinis, tankinis and pretty swim dresses to let you make a splash in style.


Q1. Why do you wear a bikini?
A1. Bikini is one of the best swim outfits when you want to hit the pool or lay by the beach. It offers a flattering appearance while keeping your comfort in consideration.

Q2. What should I wear: a swimsuit or a bikini?
A2. It is all a matter of personal preference. If you want to keep it modest, go for high coverage swimsuits. On the other hand, if you want a figure flattering fit, go for two piece bikini sets.

Q3. Do bikinis have padding?
A3. Depends. Some might whereas some might not. At Clovia, we have bikini tops with removable pads to avoid nipple show and keep you comfortable.

Q4. What type of bikini swimsuit should I buy?
A4. There are numerous types of bikini swimsuits out there. You just got to pick the one that complements your body.

Q5. Is underwear and swim underwear the same thing?
A5. No. Normal underwear is designed for everyday wear while swim underwear is specifically designed for swimming purposes.