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Long Nightgown for Women

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Long Nightdress : Prioritize your sleep with a collection for your bedtime that's comfortable and effortlessly stylish. Many women don't like to wear top & pyjama at night as they find it a bit covered and they don't feel comfortable in top & shorts either because they think it's too revealing for them. If you are on ... Read more

                            Long Night Dress 

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What Is A Nightgown?

The ever-so-loved nightgown is a household staple for nightwear amongst women for the longest. Known to be called nighties, it is a loose-fitted unrestrictive clothing piece that enables every movement to be free. You might have seen your grandma or mother wearing it while executing household chores. With a vivid memory of them rocking a nightgown, the staple still continues to be a crowd favourite. Nightgown has now evolved into a fashionable form of clothing that comes in various prints and designs and has grown strong in the nightwear category. The flowy nightgown has subtle breathability to it, making it more accessible for women of every age. Ladies' nightgown has a reputation set considering the comfort aspect of it is a ten on ten.

What Makes Ladies’ Nightgown A Hit?

The fabric certainly centres the attention, regardless of the style and print. A comfortable fabric that doesn’t itch and is gentle on the skin is preferred. The purpose of the nightgown is to sleep in and lounge around, so the fabric needs to be best suited for the occasion.


Cotton has great benefits, and thus comes as the first preference in terms of women purchasing a nightgown. The fabric doesn’t cling to your body and cotton material has a tendency that is proven to provide an uninterrupted goodnight sleep. During summers, wearing a cotton nightgown will ensure you remain odour-free during long hours. Because of how breathable the cotton fabric is, women usually go for this fabric during hot and humid weather.


Rayon tends to maintain its shape even after long hours of wearing it. The fabric is wrinkle-free which corresponds to a cleaner-looking appearance. It’s a great investment piece since rayon fabric stays intact even after its frequent use.


Satin fabric comprehends a soft touch on the skin and a luxurious feel to the eyes. The texture stands durable and gets softer after each wash. Satin fabric is a great piece of clothing to make a person look elegant as well as elevates the nightwear category just through the fabric choice. If you are someone who recently got married, satin nightgowns are a choice for you.


Crepe ties in with the most lightweight fabric that exists. The fabric lends a beautiful flowy fall, giving an elongated appearance to the one wearing it. Due to its texture, it makes a comfortable choice for sleep, that doesn’t get interrupted due to tacky clothing.

Benefits of Wearing Long Night Gown

Nighties have a reason to be a popular choice because of their versatility and functional usage. Let’s see what they offer:

  1. In India, many women still don’t feel comfortable in top & pj’s or top or shorts at home, especially in front of in-laws. They can opt for a ladies' nightgown.
  2. Nightgowns are quite a great addition to your wardrobe since you won’t feel tied up during the night, and the airflow would help you cool down during the hot summer days. 
  3. Clovia offers a wide range of nighties that caters to all need of traditional Indian women.


Elements To Take Note of While Buying a Nightgown


You can pick from various designs and patterns, and each design suffices the need as per your age group.
● Youth can choose a kaftan night gown that is stylish, according to their age, and comfortable, just like other nightdresses.
● New mothers can opt for a cotton maternity nighty with a zipper at the bust, for easy feeding access to their newborn for the mother’s convenience.
● Newly married women can pick from the sheer or satin range that comes with a robe and are stylish yet comfortable.


Prints can make a nightgown look more appealing, and with peppy prints available in different colours, you can be effortlessly stylish without compromising on the latest trends. You can pick from pretty florals to many other interesting prints that will suffice your fashion needs.

Get your hands on the best-selling nightgown from Clovia and you will receive the greatest quality at affordable rates. Clovia has a range of amazing prints, designs and patterns that you can opt from, suitable for every age group. You can get the item delivered at your step by just ordering them online. Revamp your nightgown collection with Clovia’s awesome collection.

Buy Nightgowns Online From Clovia

Clovia offers the most amazing collection of nightgowns that caters to all needs of traditional Indian women of any age. Since nightgowns are quite popular among mid-aged women, especially in India, we kept their all needs in mind while designing. Our maternity collection of nightgowns is a must-have for new moms with special zip & overlapping flaps to make feeding comfortable. A wide range of nighties in many hues & lively prints are waiting for you, shop them online and get them delivered to your doorstep.


1. Is a night gown pyjama?
No. They do fall under the category of nightwear, but the way both of them are designed is different. .
2. Is a long night dress and long nighty same?
They both have a similar look to them but nighties are generally longer whereas nightdress can either be long or short, depending on the design.

3. Which fabric is the best for a night gown?
The most preferred is cotton but fabrics like rayon, crepe and satin have some properties that stand out as well depending on the occasion & usage you're shopping for, it’s totally up to you.

4. What type of night gown is comfortable to sleep in?
The ones that are made out of comfortable fabric and not are skin-fit. A looser fit is desirable when it comes to picking a night gown.