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Monokini : Want swimwear that is aesthetic, looks modern and covers up too? Nothing can beat the supremacy of monokinis for you. A monokini is a type of one-piece swimsuit that combines elements of a bikini and a traditional one-piece swimsuit. It typically features a more revealing design compared to a tradit ... Read more


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Monokinis have been in style for decades now. Monokini is somewhere between a skin-bearing bikini and a modest swim dress. It doesn’t show as much skin as a bikini does and is a little more glam than a swim dress. It has shoulder straps and a V-cut bottom that accentuates your legs. It’s a great pick for someone who dares to bare but still wants to look subtle and edgy. 

This one-piece swimsuit style is a classic pick for any beach vacation. It is pretty hard for anyone to not look amazing in a well-fitted monokini. You just need to pick the right style, design, print and colour to compliment your body type. Clovia has the most amazing range of monokinis in lively print, vibrant hues and irresistible styles.

Reasons to Wear a Monokini

1. Ditch the coverup- There’s no denying that a coverup looks great. However, if you want to take a dip in the beach, taking it off seems like the best bet. And if you’re someone who doesn’t like to show a lot of skin, monokini is a great option. It lets you have fun in one of the modest ways possible.

2. Super stylish- Sure, monokini offers decent coverage, but that doesn’t make them any less than a perfect holiday pick. They literally top the chart when it comes to style. They give your curves a flattering look, giving a beautiful toned appearance.

3. Perfect for a pool party- You have to admit that deciding what to wear to a pool party is undeniably tricky. Thanks to monokinis, now it is as easy as ever. You can get into the pool and simply pair it with shorts later.

Types of Monokinis Available

There are several different types of monokinis, each with its own unique design and features. Here are some common types:

Cutout Monokini: This style features strategic cutouts or openings at various parts of the suit, such as the sides, front, or back. The cutouts can vary in shape and size, creating visually interesting patterns or designs.

High-Cut Monokini: These monokinis have a higher leg opening, creating a lengthening effect and showing off more of the wearer's legs. They often have a lower back or plunging neckline to balance the higher leg cut.

Plunging Neckline Monokini: This type of monokini has a deep V-shaped or plunging neckline that accentuates the bust area. It can be paired with different back designs, such as an open back or crisscross straps.

Bandeau Monokini: A bandeau monokini features a strapless or tube top-like design that wraps around the chest. It provides minimal tan lines and showcases the shoulders and collarbone.

Mesh Monokini: These monokinis incorporate mesh panels or inserts into the design, adding a sheer or see-through element to the swimsuit. The mesh can be strategically placed to create visual interest or provide additional coverage.

Halter Neck Monokini: This style features a halter neck design, where the straps tie or fasten around the back of the neck. It provides support and enhances the appearance of the shoulders and back.

Wrap Monokini: A wrap monokini has a wrap-around style, where fabric or straps wrap around the body and tie at the waist or back. This design allows for an adjustable fit and adds a touch of elegance to the swimsuit.

How to Select the Right Monokini Based on Your Body Type?

While shopping for monokinis online, you need to carefully pick the one that will flatter your body type the most.

1. Women with smaller busts: The ones who are not well-endowed in the bust area can opt for monkinis that have frills or ruffles along the neckline to create an illusion of a fuller bust.

2. Short women: Asymmetrical necklines create the illusion of height and high cut leg openings make your legs look taller.

3. Women with heavier busts: You should pick monokinis that have broader shoulder straps for a better lift. A lot of them have in-built pads that conceal the highlight effect and you can also pick underwired monokinis that give your breasts a gentle lift.

4. Glamorous look: If you want to keep your monokini swimsuit to be a little about glitter and glam, you could even go for the ones that have gold embellished details and accents to add to the style quotient. Colour blocking and tropical print have also been in the fashion limelight for a long and have been on every fashionista’s beach list.

Shop Monokini Online

While this classic one-piece swimsuit style is found in solid shades like black, red and white, a lot of other new designs can be found today in every colour. From side cut-outs to mesh panels and from ruffles to frills, a lot of detailing is now being added to this iconic swimwear style to give it a new-age look.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop for trendy monokinis today.


Q1. How do you wear a monokini?
A1. One needs to place the legs into the leg openings first and then pull the monokini and put the hands through the arm holes. You can style it with a sarong and a hat for a more stylish look.

Q2. What is the difference between a bikini and a monokini?
A2. A bikini is a two piece swimsuit that has a bra-like swimwear top and brief-like bottom. A monokini is a one piece swimwear suit that extends from your bust to the butt.

Q3. Is monokini only meant for thin women?
A3. No. It is literally one of those rare styles that flatters every body type. Due to its modest coverage, it suits every woman out there. Plus, you can also opt for vertical stripes and bolder colours to make your waist look thinner.

Q4. What is a one-piece swimsuit?
A4. Like the name states, it is a swimsuit style that goes from the bust to the butt. On the other hand, two-piece swimsuits have one bra like top and brief like bottom.