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Keep it Hygienic Down There With Intimate Care Range

While we all are super concerned about our hair, skin or nails, there is one aspect of personal hygiene that is often neglected the most- intimate hygiene. Most women have a religious skincare haircare routine, but only a few follow a religious intimate care routine. This is probably the reason why 90% women experience vaginal problems at some or the other point in their lives, be it infection, redness, and dryness down there. So, if you want to shoo away these problems, it’s imperative you use the right products and follow the right routine. Here, our intimate care products come to the rescue.

Designed with extra care, our Gal Pal intimate care products are designed to make your feel fresh and hygienic down there everyday. Here’s the breakdown of entire range:

1. Sanitary pads: Designed with a cotton-feel top layer, our sanitary pads are the perfect solution for rash-free periods. With extra long length and wide back, they offer utmost coverage to prevent staining and leakage all day long. Plus, they’re super thin, so they don’t make you feel uncomfortable or stuffy. You can find them in two variants- XL and XXL. The former is designed for heavy flow while the latter for extra heavy flow, so you can choose the desired length depending on the flow.

2. Panty liners: Our panty liners are akin to sanitary pads, but they’re much smaller and slimmer, especially designed for non-period days. They absorb vaginal discharge, so you can feel fresh and dry down there all day long, and of course, so your undies stay clean. They’re also ideal for pre/post periods spotting and help with light urinary continence.

3. Intimate wash: Heard of face wash and body wash, but the intimate wash? Since your vagina’s pH level differs from other body parts, it needs special care and attention, which is exactly what the intimate wash does. Our Gal Pal intimate wash is enriched with all natural ingredients like gooseberry extracts, tea tree oil, piper betel and aloe vera to keep it hygienic down there. It has 3-in-1 action that not only cleanses your intimate area, but also helps to lighten and tighten it over time.

4. Period pain relief roll on: How many times have you suffered those painful cramps? We bet most of the time. Well, with our period pain relief roll on, you don’t have to anymore. Enriched with essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, menthol & rosemary, it provides instant relief by soothing period cramps. It also helps to ease discomfort and reduce bloating. This easy-to-carry roll-on bottle is great for women who are always on the go.

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