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Intimate Wash

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Intimate Wash : Keep your intimate hygiene in check with an intimate wash. Since your vagina is a super sensitive area, you can't just lather your everyday soap for it can lead to redness, infections, and bad odour down there. To keep it fresh and clean, you must use a gentle vaginal wash. Try our Gal Pal daily int ... Read more

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Say Hello to Happy Hygiene with Intimate Wash

When it comes to maintaining personal hygiene, we girls often simply pay heed to doing our nails, washing our hands, or keeping our oral hygiene in check. Little do we understand the importance of intimate hygiene, which is probably the most significant factor for personal hygiene. It not only keeps you fresh and clean down there, but also prevents a plethora of infections and bad odour. This doesn’t mean you have to lather foam of soap in your vagina. It will only end up doing more harm than good. Since your vagina is a super sensitive part of your body, it requires gentle care, which can only be achieved using an intimate wash. Let’s understand more below.

What is an Intimate Wash?

Like the name states, intimate wash is a formulation that is specifically designed for the intimate parts of a woman’s body. It has special ingredients that let you effectively clean your private part without disturbing its pH levels or posing any harm to it. Regular usage will help you keep itchiness, redness, and other bacterial infections at bay.

How to Use an Intimate Wash?

Simply take a drop or two of the solution in your hands, create a foam, and gently lather it on the outer part of your vagina. Simply rinse it off with clean water later. Once done, simply tap the area with a clean dry towel and you’re done. For best results, use it everyday and take your intimate hygiene to a whole new level.

Why Gal Pal Intimate Wash?

Our Gal Pal intimate wash isn’t like your basic washes, but is enriched with the goodness of tea tree oil, aloe vera, piper betel & gooseberry that not only clean your vaginal area, but also help in its lightening and tightening. Yes, it’s a 3-in-1 combo that can do more benefits than you can imagine. Here’s how it benefits.

● Maintains the pH balance
● Lightens & tightens the skin
● Gently cleanses the intimate area
● Prevents odour, infections & soreness
● Leaves you feeling fresh all day long

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to keep your intimate hygiene in check by using a vaginal wash.

Have a few questions? You might find answers to them below.


Q1. How often do I use intimate wash?
A1. It can be used twice a day daily for best results to maintain the pH balance of your vagina. Apart from cleaning your intimate area, it also helps prevent odour, infections, dryness, and redness down there.

Q2. What age do I start using intimate wash from?
A2. As soon as you hit teenage. Since your body undergoes a plethora of changes, it’s a good idea to start using an intimate wash.

Q3. Can pregnant or new mothers use the intimate wash?
A3. Yes. Our Gal Pal intimate wash is formulated with natural ingredients making it safe for both pre and post pregnancy days.

Q4. What does vaginal discharge mean?
A4. It is basically a fluid that your body expels from time to time. It is completely normal as long as it’s clear or white in colour with slight odour and not a strong one.

Q5. Will the intimate wash reduce the unpleasant odour?
A5. Yes, Gal Pal intimate wash effectively cleanses your vagina, keeping it fresh all day long. This helps in minimizing the unpleasant odour.