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Soft Cup Bras

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Soft bras online shopping

What is a soft cup bra?

Soft cup bras are bras that have no underwire. Many women find soft cup bras more comfortable than the standard underwire bras. Because of their popularity, more and more bras are available without underwires. Clovia’s sexy soft cup bra selection includes everything from full coverage sports bras  to pretty lace bras.

In short, soft cup bra is the name given to wire-free or wireless cups. These cupless bras can have seams and padding as well – just no underwires.

Who should wear a soft cup bra?

• Women who find underwire bras to be uncomfortable

• Women who don't need the support of an underwire bra

• Women who have allergies to the materials used in underwires

• Women who have difficulty fitting underwires properly because of breast shape, breast tissue distribution or body type

• Women who are pregnant or nursing and don't want to wear an underwire bra

 A soft bra may not be ideal for:

• Women with very full breasts; some women with large breasts don't feel they get enough support from a soft cup bra

• Women who want maximum support from a bra; many soft cup bra designs compromise support somewhat to provide more comfort

Soft cup bras have come a long way; we've got some great supportive soft cup bra designs even for women with full breasts. If you've been unhappy with a wireless bra in the past, you may want to try some of our new soft bra designs to see if the improvements in design now make these bras a good option for you.

When to wear a soft cup bra?

Soft cup bras or cupless bras are designed with comfort in mind, so you should wear them anytime comfort is important, including:

• At work

• Running errands

• Having lunch with friends

• Doing housework

• Relaxing at home

• Working out

• Even for date night - we've got some great sexy soft cup bra designs

Because soft cup bras refer to an element of design, and not a particular style, we've got cupless bras in a huge array of styles, including:

• Sport bras

• Longline bras

• Comfort strap bras

• Minimizer bras

• Full cup bras

• Nursing and maternity bras

• Medical and surgical bras

• Sleep leisure bras

If wire-free comfort is important to you, consider adding a few soft cup bras to your wardrobe!

Where can you buy soft cup bra?

Buy soft cup bra online in India at Clovia. Pay online and get additional 5% discount on soft cup bras online shopping or opt for easy cash on delivery mode. Be assured of the quality of the products and secured about Clovia’s return and exchange polices.


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