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Maternity Bras

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Buy Easy To Feed Maternity Bras Online

Pregnancy is a special phase in every woman’s life. While taking care of your little bundle of joy, you often compromise on your own needs and comfort. All woman experience different kind of physical changes in body; be it stretch marks, swelling or weight gain. But, a common change that everyone experiences is in the size of their breasts.

As your breasts get ready for the feeding period in store, care for them with extra caution and comfort through right bra style. Clovia’s maternity bras are crafted with the same care and precision with which you take care of your new born. From being extra soft to avoid any kind of irritation to providing utmost ease of breast feeding, here’s what makes Clovia’ s feeding bras so 

How to pick the right Maternity 

1. Right Size 

Post pregnancy women usually experience change in their breast size and so you would need to measure yourself again before shopping for a maternity bra 

2. Soft fabric

Clovia is very particular about the fabrics of maternity bras. Most of these nursing bras are fabricated with butter soft cotton that is gentle on the skin. Since, you will constantly experience size variation, it is important that the fabric of your bra doesn’t make this time any more difficult by causing rashes or irritation.

3.Right support and fit

Just because your size is fluctuating, doesn’t mean you need to compromise with your bra fit or comfort. Good maternity bras bring an alternative to this problem with wider seams and additional support panels for optimum comfort. Its adjustable back fastenings ensure that your bra gives you a good fit as your body changes. In most cases, shoulders come with light cushioning to ensure no strap digging. Clovia’s maternity bras feature 2-sectioned cups that provide a better 

4. Easy Feeding Access 

Feeding your bundle of joy becomes of utmost priority at this stage of life. Clovia is here to help you and to make the process hassle-free. Featuring flaps over the cups that can be detached with single hand provide easy feeding 

5. Style uncompromised

It’s a common misconception that products that offer solutions are meant to look boring. But, it’s not a case anymore when you buy maternity bras online in India at Clovia. Just like beautiful lingerie brightens up your day any other time, a good-looking maternity bra will also do the job of instantly lifting your spirits during your pregnancy. So, don’t forget to look for print and colour options while indulging in maternity bra online shopping. Pick from a wide range of bright shades, pretty prints and pastel laces. 


When looking for extra comfort, try avoiding weak strap styles or underwired bras during this period.

Always measure your size post pregnancy before purchasing a maternity bra. 


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