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Cage Bra

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Cage Bras : The super-sexy cage bras with stringy front and back are worth flaunting. Such trend-setting styles are crafted with high quality and provide utmost comfort.

                            Cage Bras 

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Keep Up Your Fashion Game with Cage Bras

Keep your underfashion trend up-to-the-minute with the cage bra. With strappy back and exquisite design, this hot bra style is certainly the reason for the rising temperature. With gorgeous hues and modish patterns, this bra style has certainly been a big sensation lately that has totally won every woman’s heart. What makes it even better is that it is crafted with high quality fabric that provides utmost comfort while keeping it fashion forward at the same time.

Types of Cage Bras

Irrespective of your size and shape, whether you are inclined towards a classic t-shirt bra or something athletic like a sports bra, there is a cage bra for every woman out there. Of course, we all have widely unpredictable tastes, so we construct cage bras to your liking. Here are some of the most common styles you can find.

1. T-Shirt: Just like the regular t-shirt bras, cage t-shirt bras are also super comfortable. The silhouette is as smooth as possible with stylish design at the back.

2. Bralette: This is probably the sexiest cage bra style you can stock up on. It is super flaunt worthy and can have strappy design both at the front and the back. These bras are usually longline, crafted with premium fabrics like lace and powernet.

3. Sports: Why not keep it stylish when sweating in the gym? You can find cage style sports bras that are super stylish as well as supportive. They are not exactly super slim and strappy like the traditional bras, but have broad straps for extra comfort when you pull those weights.

4. Underwired: For women who need extra lift, underwired cage bras are your thing. Like the name states, they have wires sewn in the cups to give a clean bust line along with the added style of multiple straps.

The cage bra is fashionable, modern and classic- all things combined in one. In a nutshell, it is a total win-win in every aspect!

Here are some other mind boggling questions you must be looking answers of.


Q1. What outfits should I wear my cage bra with?
A1. There is no specific rule of wearing a cage, but since it comes with a strappy design and is super flaunt worthy, it looks best under backless and sheer outfits. In fact, it can add some extra oomph to your regular outfit.

Q2. Are cage bras comfortable?
A2. Yes, at Clovia, we handpick quality fabrics while crafting cage bras to ensure that you get maximum comfort.

Q3. Can I wear a cage bra during my honeymoon?
A3. Of course, it makes a great pick for bridal trousseau. Pick lace or mesh cage bras to spice up the night preferably with a matching panty.

Q4. Why are cage bras so popular?
A4. They are the perfect blend of comfort and style. Their strappy design and plush fabric makes them a top choice for many women.

So, what are you waiting for? Link up the league, shop for some cage bras online and hit the streets in vogue.

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