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Night Dress & Nighty

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Nighty Collection : Nothing feels more rewarding than getting a good night sleep and what comfortable than a night dress to do that. We, at Clovia, have a wide range of nighty dresses, such as short nighties, long nighties and nightdresses with robes in trendy colours, prints and styles. Our nightdresses keep you comfo ... Read more

Ladies Nighty & Night Dress Online

What is the Importance of Night Dress?

Can you imagine slipping in your bed in a bodycon dress? We are sure not. What you can picture in your mind is a loose, breathable & comfy night dress that allows you to stretch and relax while you lay on your bed. Perfect idea for a bedtime bliss, isn’t it?

Thankfully, with Clovia’s ladies nightgowns and nighties online, you can bring your dreamy indulgence to life. Our dresses are the perfect combination of style and comfort, thus promising you amazing bedtime routine all year round. Plus, we have a plethora of night dress designs in each category that you will be spoilt for choice.

How to Pick the Right Night Dress for Women Online?

Choosing nightdresses can be overwhelming at first and if you have no idea how to get started, we are here to your rescue. We have enlisted a few things that you can take into consideration while shopping in order to make the right purchase.

1. Fabric: The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the fabric. If you want your nightwear to feel buttery smooth, pick satin nightdresses. On the other hand, if you like your nightwear to be breathable, choose cotton or plush modal fabric.
2. Weather: The second important thing for shopping nighties is the fabric. In summer, you should stick to short ones crafted with premium cotton fabrics or the fabrics blended with cotton. On the other hand, in winters, you should look for night dresses made using heavier fabrics, like satin, twill or velour.
3. Mood: Not many women pay importance to this, but your mood significantly impacts your choice of nightdress. For instance, if you’re on honeymoon, you should look for lace nightdresses and babydolls. Similarly, if you want to host a slumber party with your girls, comfy short nighties will just be the right choice.

What are the types of Nightdresses?

The world of nightdresses is huge. Here, we have narrowed down the list to some of the most common styles.

1. Cotton Nighty: For Indian ladies, cotton nighty dresses are a go-to pick. They are not only extremely stylish, but also super breathable, making a popular choice for hot & humid weather conditions.
2. Long Satin Nighties: Nothing screams luxury louder than satin. So, slip into a butter-soft night dress after a hectic day and experience luxury like never before. Trust us, it feels no less than a paradise.
3. Cotton Nighties with Robe: If you live in a conservative family, you might refrain from going out of your room in a nighty dress. Here, a cotton ladies night dress with robe works as a great alternative. Cotton nightdress provides you the much needed comfort while the robe allows you to move around comfortably, so that you can do your daily chores with ease.
4. Satin Nightdress with Robe: Whether you spent a special night with your better half or simply want to pamper yourself, a satin ladies nightdress with robe is exactly what you need. It provides you utmost comfort and the robe wraps you around luxuriously, hiding your pretty little things.
5. Lace Nighties: If you want to raise the temperature and look fabulous even when you’re sleeping, lace nighty dresses are definitely your thing. They show the right amount of skin while being super-sexy and feminine at the same time.
6. Short Nightdresses: One of the most stylish slumber party approved picks is short nighty dresses. These are literally every fashionista’s go-to pick when they want to dress to bed or have a sleepover with their girl gang.
7. Nighty Sets: These are the best option for men who are not sure about what to gift to their lady love. These sets include multiple sultry pieces that are sure to make her feel special and sexy.

Now that you have gained significant information about nightdresses, it’s time to add a few nighties to your closet. We have also enlisted a few frequently asked questions just in case!

FAQs- Night Dress

Q1. What’s the best nightdress for my honeymoon?
A1. For occasions as special as honeymoon, satin & sheer babydolls are the best pick as they keep the excitement going. Even better if they have sultry lace details and slits.

Q2. How often should you wash your night dress?
A2. It depends on your usage. If you wear different nighties each night, wash them once in every week. On the other hand, if you slip into the same one both during day & night, you should probably wash them every day.

Q3. What is a night gown dress?
A3. A night gown is basically a longline night dress usually crafted from cotton for utmost comfort & breathability. It is best suited for women who want higher coverage than the regular short night dresses.

Q4. Why do ladies wear nighty?
A4. Like mentioned above, your regular clothes don’t allow you enough freedom to move or ample breathability. On the other hand, night dress aka night gives you enough room and doesn’t stick to your body. It also keeps a check on your body temperature, so that you can be at utmost ease.

Q5. Where can I buy a night dress for women online?
A5. You can shop from our wide range of night dresses online in comfy fabrics & cute prints.

Happy shopping!

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