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Petticoats : When it comes to accentuating the figure nothing can beat the saree, slim or curvy every girl loves saree. But traditional cotton petticoats sometimes make you look bigger & more cluttered. Saree shapewear will help you ace the saree game. They can be referred to as modern petticoats because they fu ... Read more


Petticoats For Women Online

Indian Wear is incomplete without a saree. Saree can completely transform any girl. It enhances the curves & gives a flattering figure. Saree is perfect wear to get an hourglass shape instantly. But the age-old style of A-lined cotton petticoat doesn’t give that smooth figure. It can even spoil the entire look as it gets bulky at the waistline & the drape doesn’t become smooth as a result you don’t get that hourglass figure in cotton petticoats. Then what’s the solution? Saree shapewear. Saree shapewear can be referred to as modern petticoats. These modern petticoats are crafted to hug your body and enhance your natural curves. Let’s see why you should choose modern petticoats & how.

Why Should You Choose Modern Petticoats for Saree?

Because they are more practical, and these petticoats are designed to achieve the perfect fitting while eliminating all the hassle that comes with the traditional petticoats. Let’s have a look at the benefits of modern petticoats

● These modern petticoats are easy to wear, as they are crafted with stretchable fabric, which ensures that the petticoat hugs your body.
● The waistband is seamless in modern petticoats, hence it gives a smoother silhouette than a traditional one. It doesn’t get bulky at the waistband and holds the saree in a place without any problem.
● Super soft waistband keeps rashes at bay. The traditional petticoat is loose at the waistband & comes with a drawstring, you need to fasten it too tight, as a result of rashes and difficulty in breathing. But it’s not the case with these modern ones. It’s super soft on the skin yet sturdy enough to hold saree pleats together.
● Modern petticoat smoothes out all the bulges on your waist, hips, & thighs, and ensures you get a flattering drape. It helps to achieve a mermaid-like shape.

Many women are not comfortable wearing modern petticoats alone, so they can wear them under their traditional ones. But we recommend just wearing the modern petticoat underneath your saree, & you will notice the difference.

Comparison B/W Saree Shapewear and Saree Petticoats

Let’s understand what makes shapewear different from petticoats & better than them.

PropertiesSaree ShapewearPetticoats
Fitting Body-hugging Loose
Drawstring Not required Required
Shape Mermaid A-lined
Fabric Nylon Spandex (knitted) Cotton (woven)
Stretchability Yes No
Silhouette Very Smooth Not smooth, have bulges around waist, hips & thighs
Durability Very durable Not much
Colour bleeding No May bleed color while washing
Colour Fading No May be

There you have it, we have tried to differentiate the age-old traditional petticoats & saree shapewear aka modern petticoats. Now you know what to pick. At Clovia, we have a nice collection of saree shapewear in varied size options. For the plus-size, the drawstring feature is also available. From slim or curvy, the saree shapewear fits all sizes, & gets you the desired shape.