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Bodysuit : Shedding a few inches off your waist is not possible instantly. However a bodysuit make it very much possible. Now accentuate your assets with a form-fitting garment instatnly. Elevate your sense of style with bodysuits for women & look appealing without trying hard. Be it for body shaping or just f ... Read more


Shop Bodysuit Swimwear Online

A bodysuit is a one-piece garment that covers the torso and typically extends down to the crotch area. It is designed to fit closely to the body, providing a streamlined and seamless look. Bodysuits are made with soft & stretchable fabric. They come in variety of styles, including sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or with different necklines such as scoop neck, V-neck, or high neck. Some bodysuits may have additional features like cut-outs, lace panels, or decorative elements.

Bodysuits are versatile and can be worn as standalone tops paired with skirts, jeans, or shorts. They can also be used as layering pieces under dresses. Clovia has arange of bodysuit made in all basic colours which perfectly blends with your outfits.

Purpose Of A Body Suit?

A bodysuit is a body shaper that provides compression tucking in the bulges, creating a seamless appeal. A bodysuit ideally covers the torso & hips for a cinched fit. The skin-tight one-piece is an ideal option to be worn under fitted clothes, emphasising your assets while acting as a tummy tucker, toning your body. It is more like a quick fix you can wear for a flattering allure & a confidence booster.

Types of Body Shapers for Women

There are various types of body suits for women, each designed to cater to different preferences, occasions, and fashion trends. Here are some common types of body suits:

Tank Body Suit: This is a sleeveless body suit with a scoop neck or a high neckline. It provides coverage for the torso and can be paired with skirts, jeans, or shorts.

Long-Sleeve Body Suit: As the name suggests, this body suit features long sleeves, offering more coverage for the arms. It can be a great choice for cooler weather or to create a sleek, elegant look.

Off-Shoulder Body Suit: This style exposes the shoulders and neckline, creating a stylish and trendy look. Off-shoulder body suits are often worn for parties, nights out, or special occasions.

Lace Body Suit: Lace body suits add a touch of femininity and elegance. They can feature lace accents, and panels, or be entirely made of lace. These suits are often chosen for more formal events or when a touch of sophistication is desired.

Cut-Out Body Suit: Cut-out body suits feature strategic openings or cut-outs in different areas, such as the waist, sides, or back, creating unique and visually appealing designs. They are often chosen for parties or to make a bold fashion statement.

Thong Body Suit: This style of body suit features a thong bottom, offering minimal coverage at the back. Thong body suits are commonly worn under tight-fitting outfits to prevent visible panty lines.

Benefits of Body Suit

  • No Visible Panty Lines

Designed with laser-cut technology, the bodysuits are designed to provide a seamless finish under fitted clothes. Say no to undesired panty lines. 

  • Right Compression

The bodysuit will hug your body right, tucking in the bulges while providing a flawless figure. The shapewear style certainly helps you get your desired hourglass shape without compromising your comfort.

  • Won’t Slide Off

The design of a bodysuit or a one-piece shaper doesn’t slide off like the unconventional styles. 

How To Buy the Right Ladies Bodysuit?

Finding the right bodysuit depends on your need:

  • Size: Always pick a size smaller considering the bodysuit will effectively cinch in, creating delightful curves.
  • Fabric: Always go for a breathable & stretchable fabric that allows you freedom of movement. 
  • Style: Go for a body shaper that best suits your attire. You can find several options that’ll suffice your needs.

Some Must-Have Bodysuit Shapewear Every Woman Should Own

Bodysuit shapewear is a popular undergarment choice for women as it helps provide a smooth and streamlined silhouette. Here are some must-have bodysuit shapewear options that every woman should consider adding to her wardrobe:

  1. Full Bodysuit Shaper
  2. Open-Bust Bodysuit
  3. High-Rise Bodysuit
  4. Thigh Slimming Bodysuit
  5. Backless Bodysuit
  6. Strapless Bodysuit
  7. Control Camisole Bodysuit
  8. Convertible Bodysuit

Buy from a Wide Range of Bodysuits Online

Clovia’s bodysuits for women are marked at an affordable price while providing women all over the desired appeal. Get yourself a flawless figure & rock the clothes you are eager to wear just by getting shapewear. The sturdy bodysuit is a staple that a woman should own. Get your hands on the good stuff & maximise your allure. 


Q1. What is a bodysuit used for?
A1. A bodysuit is just like an upgraded version of shapewear that provides a seamless & enhanced look under clothes.

Q2. Should I wear a bra with a bodysuit?
A2. It depends on the style of the bodysuit. If your bodysuit doesn’t provide coverage to your breasts, then yes, wear a bra.

Q3. Why are bodysuits so popular?
A3. Bodysuits have garnered a lot of attention considering the flawless appeal that it provides by emphasising your assets.

Q4. What can you wear over a bodysuit?
A4. Anything. Fitted to loose clothes, you can wear any clothing piece over a bodysuit. Ideally, one wears fitted dresses over a bodysuit.

Q5. Are thong bodysuits comfortable?
A5. If you can rock a thong then a thong bodysuit won’t be a problem.

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