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Sanitary Pads

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Sanitary Napkin Pack of 2 Panties
Sanitary Napkin : Manage your periods effectively with Clovia Gal Pal sanitary pads. Featuring extra long length, wider back, super absorbency level and rash-free tehnology, they are your safest bet during menstruation.
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Buy Sanitary Pads Online

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women are troubled by rashes during periods? While there can be few contributing causes of period rashes, the major one still stands to be poor quality sanitary pads. Apparently, it turns out that not many women pay attention to one of the important things- period hygiene. Here, we try to highlight the role played by good quality sanitary napkins in improving personal hygiene.

Why Are Sanitary Pads Important?

Sanitary napkins help to manage monthly periods effectively. From improving hygiene to convenience, there are numerous reasons why you should choose sanitary pads over other means of period protection.

1. No leaks: Sanitary pads are especially designed with superior technology to help prevent leaks. You can go out effortlessly wearing them without worrying about leaks.

2. Hygienic: Unlike traditional clothes, sanitary pads are way more hygienic. You don’t have to clean or dry them out after use.

3. Travel friendly: Sanitary pads are super portable and accessible. You can carry them on the go with ease.

4. Prevent infections: Traditional methods of period protection can make you prone to numerous vaginal infections. Sanitary pads, on the other hand, are hygienic and offer adequate protection.

How Can Pads Cause Rashes?

While using sanitary pads is certainly a good step to reduce period problems, compromising on their quality can still land you in trouble. Poor quality pads can cause dampness and chafing due to poor material and absorbency level. They can cause itching around the thighs and groin due to excessive heat and dampness. This is why it is very important to ensure that your pad is made using super soft & breathable material.

How often should I change my pad?

The duration of keeping on a pad really depends on the amount of blood flow and absorbency. But no matter what, you should certainly change your pad every 4-6 hours. On heavy flow days, you should look for a pad that has high absorbency and on light flow days, you can choose a less absorbent pad too.

How can I track my period on a calendar?

You can always keep a small pocket calendar with you at all times and mark the date when you get your period. This way, you can anticipate the date of your period the next month. Alternatively, you can also use our easy to use free period tracker tool to map your cycle.

Why Clovia Gal Pal Sanitary Pads?

Considering the menstrual problems faced by women, we, at Clovia, found the ultimate solution- Gal Pal sanitary pads. Super absorbent, comfortable, and extra-long, our sanitary pads help you bid adieu to all those period problems. Here are all the features of our sanitary pads.

1. Super absorbent: Our sanitary pads are super absorbent and leak proof. They are ideal for both day and night usage.

2. Rash-free: Cotton feel top layer feels as soft as tissue on skin, ensuring smooth rash-free experience.

3. Extra long: Our sanitary pads come in two lengths- XL and XXL in 280mm & 320mm respectively with wider back coverage. They provide great protection against staining and leakage.

4. Large wings: Our pads stay in place and provide a great fit, thanks to the ultra large wings.

5. Ultra-thin: Our sanitary napkins are super thin to ensure you an easy hassle free period experience without making you feel stuffy.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making your periods better starting today with Gal Pal sanitary pads!


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