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Non Padded Bras

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                            Non Padded Bras 
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Non Padded Bras : Avoid all the extra padding. Go for a more natural shape with our premium collection of non-padded bras. Designed with comfort and style in mind, our range is supportive and on-trend.

Non-Padded Bras for Your Comfort Quotient

What are the benefits of a non-padded bra?

Soft and non-padded bras will not provide you a Pam Anderson-like bust, yet is an awesome thing to have in any case! They're comfortable, they are hot, and they are the most worn thing. While being amazingly comfortable, they don’t provide an artificial shape, they fit in perfectly and so much more.

What is the difference between a padded and non-padded bra?

As suggested by their respective names, one has padding while the other does not. The padded bra has a thin layer of foam or fabric sandwiched between the two layers of fabric outside of the cup and inside the cup while the alternative has just a single layer of fabric.

Although the padded bra has more of an ‘uplifting’ reputation, its padless sister offers more of a gentle push in the right direction. And, usually, softer fabrics are used when making unpadded bras. By abandoning the several extra layers of material slightly smothering your chesticles, your skin gets the chance to breathe; inevitably leaving you less of a hot and sweaty mess. 

Then again you cannot deny but admit that padded bras give you a delightfully full-chested feeling. The multiple layers allow for a much desired smooth and ‘perfect’ look. 

What are the varied variations of a non-padded bra?

T-Shirt Bra

These come with molded shelter, at times with an underwire, but not necessarily padded. They add rigidity, and conditional on your bust size, give a minimized look. It is the underwire that offers comprehensive coverage, and the whole idea is to take you far away from the fear of a double boob or a pop out. 

Sports Bra

One must pick a bra based on the activity – a low impact and non-padded sports bra is suitable for yoga, hiking or walking. On the contrary, a high impact or padded sports bra is needed for rigorous exercises like aerobics, running, zumba, etc.

Push Up Bra

This is built on a simple mechanism of adding lift and volume to the breasts so that they are symmetric, closer, and fuller. Since most of the push-up bras are wired, so they not necessarily be padded. 

We at Clovia believe that every woman has so many difficult tasks to accomplish in a day and in such a hectic life, we provide you with lingerie that pampers you and take care of your body. Unpadded bras are one such amazing part that keeps you comfortable and takes off the burden and yes you can get a hell lot of designs in that section. There are like countless designs and styles available for non-padded bras online on Clovia of ladies bra online, if you want to buy non wire bra, free-size bra or a plunge bra.


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