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Lingerie : From innerwear to now a renowned piece of garment, lingerie has ticked all the elements necessary to protect modesty while boosting the confidence of the one wearing it. Lingerie is an umbrella of female essentials that consists of Bra , panties , babydolls and more. Clovia is a lingerie brand that ... Read more


Shop Women’s Lingerie Online

Lingerie - Shop Sexy Women's Lingerie Online. Clovia is the one-stop destination for all your Lingerie and intimate wear needs. Be it backless bras, thongs, babydolls, robes, stockings, and camisoles, you have endless options to explore women's lingerie sets at India’s premium online store - Clovia. Get the sexiest lingerie styles in different product sizes and colors at attractive prices.

The one-stop shop for all your desires for stylish lingerie. Clovia has your back for everything you want. Build your lingerie collection with the latest styles and exclusive pieces. Our designers are bent on our values of support, comfort, and perfect fitting you like. Be it the playful push-ups or backless bras, strapless bras or tummy shapers, designer panties and thongs. We have it all! That’s not all. We have an aesthetic range of functional yet modern activewear for all your fitness goals. If you are looking for intimate wear for your special event or sexy nightwear or loungewear, check out our exclusive collection—Hunt here for the most comfortable pair of undies and much more - right here on Clovia. Keep scrolling down and browse our finest lingerie collection to find the best set for your wardrobe.

Clovia is a renowned and recognized intimate wear brand, vouching for fashion, comfort, and sensuality for modern women.

Five words to describe Clovia woman and the philosophies embedded in each of our designs are:


Clovia is a brand for the fast-paced and dynamic modern women who love fashion and have the best sense to decorate their bodily canvas. Their perception, capacity, ambitions and even the body are in a constant state of growth.

At Clovia, we recognize, accept and whole-heartedly accept this evolution. The same evolution is our motivation for better innovation to create a range of products. Our designs are made to give you the freedom and flexibility you deserve. We make your lingerie special for everyday use or occasional outfits, activewear for the gym, or swimsuits for those exciting swimming sessions; Clovia has your back for everything!

Keep Up Your Underfashion Statement with Lingerie

Lingerie is one term that everyone might have heard but not everyone knows the meaning of it. You might be aware of some desirable variants of women’s lingerie, but here's your chance to further expand your knowledge about lingerie. Any woman might agree that what you wear inside can really elevate your mood and boost confidence. Now that's exactly what good lingerie does to you! Talking about the sexy world of lingerie, we'd like to tell you that bras, briefs, matching sets, babydolls, chemise, nightwear and even stocking all belong to the lingerie family. This French word "lingerie" means women's undergarments. Clovia lingerie collection is as beautiful as the language or word lingerie sounds. Starting from pretty lace bras to stringy bikinis and from steamy babydolls to matching sets, Clovia is one such lingerie brand that is all about fashion & comfort.

The Different Types of Lingerie for Women

Clovia recognizes the importance of owning the right intimate wear because what lies under the sharp suit or a chic dress plays an incredible role on how you feel. Imagine having an urgent and super-important meeting. The blunder you won’t wish is a badly-fitted bra cutting into your skin and ruining your boss mode!


The most popular type of lingerie is bra. The importance of bras goes without saying. From lending your breasts the right support to improving their appearance, good bras can literally make you stand out. Bras are a must have for every wardrobe. Not only they help support and protect your breast, but they also keep you comfortable and give the best look for your outfits. The most commonly used type of bra is the bralette, which is a simple cotton or other body friendly fabric bra that is worn regularly on an everyday basis. You can find them in a variety of styles, so choose one to suit your outfit and preference. For a wide neck top, go for a balconette bra. For a body-hugging outfit, choose the seamless T-shirt bra. For a deep neck outfit, plunge bras are the best pick, and so on. This lingerie piece can make or break your outfit.


The right pair of undies is not only essential for your lingerie collection, but can make you feel utterly sexy & comfy too. You can pick from the wide range of styles depending on the purpose. To avoid thigh rash, boy shorts, and boyleg are the ultimate choice. To eliminate visible panty lines, go for thongs with no rear coverage or seamless panties if you feel uncomfortable about thongs. If you want something for everyday wear,hipsters and bikinis can be your go to option since they have perfect rise and medium coverage for all day comfort. Pregnant women who are pregnant require maternity panties. In the post-pregnancy phase too, women are required to wear a different type of maternity underwear. Other range of panties include cheekinis and bikinis. Clovia provides a whole list of the different types of panties to try and experiment with. Just like bras, panties too are a must have for every female's wardrobe. Be cautious to replace it regularly, at least every six months to avoid any health problems.

Lingerie sets:

You can either buy bras and panties separately, or buy matchy-matchy lingerie sets. They are the perfect pick for all those occasions, such as your wedding night, honeymoon, or simply when you want to set the mood for the night. Not just that, you can even use these sets on an everyday basis for they are sure to make you feel truly good on the inside.


Probably the sexiest type of lingerie is a babydoll, is a must-have for your nightwear collection, especially if you are a new bride. It is usually a little loose with delicate straps. Babydolls are super flirtatious and glamorous, thus making the perfect pick for your wedding night or honeymoon trousseau. They are available in a plethora of styles with strappy or cut-out details. What makes them even sexier is that they are usually sheer, delicately made of powernet or lace.


Nothing like putting on lingerie that makes you feel sexier. A robe is one such lingerie piece that becomes your confidante for the morning routine. A loose and flowy garment; robe is used to cover yourself. Wear them at home, or after shower. Generally, robes are worn after a bath or while applying makeup. Loose and flowy, most robes are made of satin or other smooth and soft fabrics like silk. If you want to roam around the house comfortably without showing a lot of skin, just throw a sexy satin robe and you’re good to go.


Need to take that ‘sexy’ level a bit higher? Opt for stockings. Not only can you pair them with teddies and babydolls to take your man by surprise, but also style them as outerwear under ripped jeans and underneath your skirts to make your outfit more fashion forward. This lingerie piece will take your style game a notch higher.


They are super functional as well as practical. Plus, they aren’t boring either. You can pick camisoles in bright colours like red, yellow, blue, pink, and more. You can also opt for the ones crafted with lace to keep your underfashion game on point. At home, you can pair them with PJs to make your snooze game more stylish. Alternatively, you can also pair them with trousers and jeans while heading out to make it more presentable.


Also called the foundation garment, shapewear is made to give you that slim look. Shapewear are the most in handy thing a female can own. Use them to wear beneath a dress, gowns, a pair of jeans, etc. You can choose out of a range of shapewears available on Clovia. You can select either a leg shapewear, shapewear brief, tummy shapewear, thigh shapewear, saree shapewear, and much more to name.


The advent of corsets dates back to the 20th century when women needed something to wear under dresses. Corset enhance the body curves and helps you look thin on the waist. Corsets accentuate your curves, especially the lower part of the body, giving you an hourglass shape. This lingerie are handy when worn beneath a bodycon dress or western gown.


Wearing comfortable clothes during the night is a must. By investing in a sleepwear better sleep is induced. During the sleep the skin is constantly regenerating, so this is a substantial reason to invest in a sleepwear. Breathable clothes made of skin friendly fabric are a must investment of most of us!

Things To Keep in Mind before Buying Lingerie

Choosing the right fabric is a must, most of the lingerie like panties, corset, bra, camisole, etc. stay in close contact with your body and skin. Buying lingerie made from skin-friendly fabrics are a blessing for the skin. For ladies having sensitive skin or allergy or reaction prone, always prefer a lingerie made from cotton.

Unsure About Shopping Lingerie Online? We Hear You!

The size, style, rightly fitted cups, and many more, all women face that dilemma when choose lingerie online. Clovia understands the struggle and precisely offer Bra Size Calculator, to make things hassle free for you. We take into consideration all the elements when buying lingerie, the right way to measure and land for the right size. Based on your measures and our ‘Clovia Curve Fit Test’ explore our online store & get your hands on the widest range of bras, underwears, comfortable lounge wear, stylish swimsuits & active wear. Start exploring our online store, or choose to reach out a store near you!

Many of us pick and choose a brassiere after recommendations from friends, don't we? To our surprise, most of us land in perils of dissatisfaction as it doesn't make us happy, despite being the right-sized for you. The bra might have fit your friend's needs well, but it won't be a cakewalk for you.

Why? Do we choose to try a left shoe on the right foot? No right!

Similarly, every body type and breasts differ from each another. Clovia strictly recommends purchasing a bra after narrowing down your options based on your breast shape and body type.

Here is Clovia's guide to choosing the right bra as per your body shape:

Tips to Choose Lingerie Online for Your Body Type

Pear-Shaped Body

Such body shape is featured small-sized breasts with a narrowed shoulder frame. Though the bottom is relatively wide and heavy, you can complement a pear-shaped body by rounding the upper body silhouette for a better look.

Experts at Clovia szuggest that you can enhance breasts by using a balconette bra for a more natural-rounded appearance. If cleavage is your priority, a push-up bra is a good option for a decent lift. You can pair your bra with a low-rise brief for a balanced appearance with flatter hips.

Apple-Shaped Body

Females with broad shoulders, large bust, and narrow hips are known to have a body classified as an ‘apple-shaped’ body. The breasts demand strong support for such a body, minimized for a gentle lift that defines the body's waistline.

Experts at Clovia suggest that to avoid cup spills, a full coverage minimiser bra can work with high waist panties that help give a flattened tummy look. You might choose side-boning and underwire for extra support that large breasts need.

An Hourglass

Females with such a body type have a symmetrical bust and hips. Due to this, the waistline is sleek and defined, with equal focus on the figure and the hips.

Experts at Clovia suggest that an hourglass body houses both small and large busts. Females with an hourglass figure must opt for a right bra, heavily relying on the size of their breasts. A full-coverage bra is considered best for optimum comfort.

Banana Shaped Figure

Featuring medium to small breasts, such body type has a negligible difference in width of shoulders, waist and hips. You need to add focal points using the right lingerie to enhance your figure.

Experts at Clovia suggest that if you aim for a fuller appearance, opt for a Halter style lingerie to add a flattering curve to the overall body.

Triangle: If your hips are wider than your bust, you should work on making your body look more proportionate. You can go for something like a bandeau top along with a high waist bottom to draw attention to your bust. Experts at Clovia suggest that you pick a bustier. If you happen to wear a babydoll, you must ensure it has a firm fit on the top followed by loose fitting at bottom end.

Rectangular: Got no defined curves? No problem! It’s time you create some for yourself. Choose styles with cuts, ruffles or ruching to flatter your figure. Experts at Clovia suggest that you use push up bras that additionally support the breasts and add some volume.

Inverted Triangle: If you’ve broad shoulders, Clovia experts recommend that you opt for halter neck styles, whether it’s a babydoll or bra. For bottoms, you must choose something flared. Maybe go for a flared skirt or teddy for a toned look.

Here is Clovia's guide to choosing the right bra as per your body shape:

Bra guide for different breast shapes:

Balconette: Suitable for bottom-heavy breasts.

Padded Bras: Perfect for support, shaping, and contouring needs of the female body.

Underwired: A staple option for all breast sizes and shapes, especially for large cups.

Push Up Bra: It is suggested for bottom-heavy, small-medium sized breasts for an overall rounded look with some cleavage.

Plunge Bra: Right choice for most breast sizes and shapes for a lovely silhouette.

How to Buy Women’s Lingerie Online in India?

These are the factors you need to consider while buying women’s lingerie online:

Fit: Choose a lingerie style that flatters your size and shows off your assets. Pick a style that can help you hide the flaws and accentuate your figure. But at the same time, make sure that you are comfortable in that lingerie style.

Body type: When you are deciding to pick a bra for yourself, it should definitely be selected based on your body type and not on the basis of how the lingerie looks on the model. If you are someone with narrow shoulders and shallow breasts, choose a plunge bra with extra padding to give your breasts a defined shape. Those with a wider set of breasts can choose a balconette bra for giving their breasts that lift and support. If you are someone who is looking for more support and coverage, a full cup bra will serve your purpose.

Fabric: Cotton comfort is always the first priority when someone is looking for everyday wear lingerie. You can also go for something with lace detailing to add to your sensual appeal. Buttery soft satin or plush rayon are some fabric types if you are looking for something in the luxurious lingerie range. Fleece is also a good option when it comes to buying winter lingerie.

Mood/Occasion: It is time to think out of the box and experiment when you are buying lingerie for special life events. The bridal lingerie collection for women crafted with velvet and sheer lace fabric will definitely spoil you for choice. Bridal babydolls, nighty and nighty sets, and bra and briefs sets are some pieces that you should definitely add to your bridal and honeymoon collection.

Why Buy Lingerie Online From Clovia?

Like mentioned earlier, sexy lingerie is super important for your wardrobe, so you don’t want to compromise on that. We, at Clovia, have more lingerie for women with such cuts and styles that are sure to flatter you. So, wait no more and get shopping today! If you further want to expand your understanding, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below.


Q1. What kind of Lingerie do Indian women like to wear? 

A.1 When it comes to Lingerie, Indian women have a preference for the more practical side of things. Unlike Western women, who are known for their love of frilly undergarments and push-up bras, Indian women tend to prefer functional pieces that can be worn under anything—and look good doing it.

Some of the most popular styles in India are:

Lingerie sets: These are the most popular items in India because they're usually simple and come with matching pieces that you can mix and match with different outfits. The most popular colours are black, white, and skin—but other colours like red or blue may also be available depending on where you shop.

High-waisted panties: These panties are designed to sit higher up on your waist, which makes them great for wearing underneath tight dresses or skirts without showing any lines underneath your clothing (especially since they tend not to have any seams). They're also great if you have curves because they won't show off any cellulite!

Bras: Bras are another staple piece of Lingerie that almost everyone needs at some point—and Indian women are no exception! For bras, what matters the most is a good fit where the band fits snugly around your body without digging into your skin or rolling up at the bottom. It should also be firm enough that it doesn't ride up or slide down throughout the day. It should not be too tight or too loose, but somewhere right in between so that there's no extra space between where your breasts are and where they should be—which means no gaps!

When you start to look at the comfortable yet trendy options available from Clovia, you might feel like you're in a candy store. And that's because… well, kind of.

Clovia is like a candy store for women, with all sorts of fun products for every taste and style. We have bras and panties, corsets and camisoles, chemises and nighties—and that's just the beginning.

Q2. What is the best Lingerie for a wedding?

A2. A wedding is an important day in everyone's life. It is a celebration of love and commitment. The bride has to look her best on this day. She has to look beautiful in her wedding dress, she has to look glamorous with makeup, and she has to have the perfect hairstyle. Another thing that needs attention is Lingerie, as it can make or break your look for the day.

There are many types of Lingerie available in the market today. The following are some tips on what type of Lingerie you should wear on your wedding day:

1) Push-up bra: If you want to enhance your breast size, then this is the perfect bra for you. This bra gives you more cleavage as it pushes up your breasts so they look fuller, which gives an instant boost to your confidence level.

2) Strapless bra: If you don't want straps showing under your dress, then go for strapless bras that have silicone pads that stick onto your skin and keep the bra in place without any straps showing under the dress.

3) Lace bra: This is one of the most popular bridal lingerie styles as lace adds elegance and classiness to any outfit.

Q3. Is the Lingerie comfortable to wear?

Q3. A lingerie is a must-have for every woman. It's an essential part of your wardrobe and can really help you feel confident and sexy. However, most women tend to feel sexy lingerie may not be comfortable. After all, sometimes it feels like the entire world is judging you based on how you look in your underwear — so it only makes sense that you want to feel good while wearing it!

The good news is that Lingerie can be super comfortable — if you choose the right style and fit. The key is finding styles that work with your unique body shape and size (and personality!).

Q4. What should I wear on my honeymoon?

A4. The first thing you need to know is that your honeymoon is a vacation. Make sure you plan ahead and pack accordingly.

If you're travelling to a tropical or beach location, then you must look for swimwear or a bikini set. On the other hand, if you are travelling to the mountains or a city, make sure to get something that is comfortable under your dress and enhances the overall and yet makes you feel stylish.

Q5. Which colour is best for women's Lingerie?

A5. In simple words, the best colour is the one that makes you feel good about wearing it. However, if we go into details, then you must consider what kind of clothes you'll be wearing over it. If you're looking for something that matches everything else in your wardrobe, then choose something neutral like white or black—but if you want something that stands out, then go for bolder colours like red, blue, pink, etc.