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Beach Dresses

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Beach Dresses : The idea of a beach holiday excites us all and the idea of wearing all those stunning beach dresses while sipping our mimosas excites us even more. True, isn't it? This is why, we have curated a special selection of beach dresses that will let you keep it as effortless and chic as possible. From swi ... Read more

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Keep Your Sun & Sand Game on Point with Beach Dresses

You’ve worked hard enough all year round and have saved few good bucks in the process. But honey as hardworking and passionate you are, you can’t ignore that you need a little break too. How about an awesome beach holiday to slip your worries away and have some fun in the sun? Tempting, isn’t it? And when the holiday is so special, your beach dress should be equally sexy and special too.

Need a little queue on beach dresses? We’ve got you covered!

Types of Beach Dresses

1. Short Beach Dress: This one is similar to your other dresses with the only difference being the fabric. You can don them on the beach, slip into them for cocktails, or just for a pool party; they’ll look perfect in all scenarios. Whether you’re skinny or curvy, they are a great pick for everyone as they are super chic and provide adequate coverage at the same time. We also love that these dresses come with attached shorts, so you don’t have to worry about your panty being visible.

2. Kaftans: They are especially designed keeping the holidays in mind. Kaftans are super light and don’t cling to the body, keeping it really classy and comfy. They are highly breathable, so much so, you’ll feel comfortable wearing them even when it’s ultra-hot out there. Just put on those trendy slippers, shades & you’re good to go. Some of them also have a drawstring to adjust to the fit.

3. Cover Up: If you want to wear a sexy two piece bikini set to let yourself loose, nothing like it. But how about you want to grab some pizza later or just simply enjoy a mimosa? We suggest you keep a cover up handy. It not only lets you cover your skin but also gives a boho look to the outfit. And if you’re someone who doesn’t want to get tanned, this is a fun way to keep yourself protected.

Tips to Choose a Beach Wear

Make smart choices when it comes to choosing a beach wear with our easy tips below.
1. Check the fit: By checking the fit, we don’t necessarily mean that it should be body hugging. Just make sure that it gets along well at all the places and consider the length.

2. Experiment: Try, try and try until you succeed. Only if you try a couple of pieces, you’ll know what gets you and what doesn’t. Try a couple of colours, styles and patterns and figure out what best suits you.

3. Keep it fun: Your beach wear should be all about fun. Try fun prints in those sandy beaches and sunsets. Keep your beach outfit bright & pretty. You can never go wrong with it.

That said, we have an amazing collection of beachwear dresses that include comfy, trendy and sexy dresses for everyone. How about you take a look at our range and flaunt some hotness?

If you’ve got some questions, no problem. We are here to help you.


Q1. I have a curvy body. Which style should I wear?
A1. Whatever you like. However, if you want to draw the attention off your waist, you can opt for darker colours and horizontal striped patterns. They give illusion of a tinier waist.

Q2. Which fabric is the best for beach wear?
A2. For a beach wear , you want something that cuts through the water and not absorb it. Plus, you need something that dries super quick. Here, polyamide turns out a win-win. We suggest you refrain from cotton.

Q3. How often should you wash beachwear?
A3. Everytime you take a dip in the water. It should be washed after every use as the chlorinated water can degrade the quality of your beach wear.

Q4. What should I wear on a beach honeymoon?
A4. We’ve enlisted some of the most popular beach wear styles, so you can pick anything as per your preference. You can pick kaftans, short beach dresses or coverups in case of two piece bikini sets.

Happy Shopping!

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