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Silicone Bras : Want to wear all those tricky outfits but don't because of peeking bra? Try the silicone bra! With sticky adhesive cups, these bras provide the right amount of support to your breasts while serving your fashion needs in the best possible manner at the same time. Because of their excellent versatilit ... Read more

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Style Your Tricky Outfits With a Silicone Bra

Have that gorgeous backless dress in your closet that’s waiting to be worn? Alas, you are not sure about what bra to wear underneath. Try the Silicone bra, aka, the stick on bra! For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a sticky self-adhesive bra made of synthetic material. It is becoming increasingly popular lately for it’s the perfect bet for all those tricky outfits. It lets you avail the benefits of a regular bra without any visibility unlike its counterparts. Let’s dig a little deeper below.

Benefits of a Silicone Bra

While styling your tricky outfits is one of the primary benefits of a sticky bra bra, here are a couple of other reasons why you should consider wearing one.

1. Easy to use: You don’t have to do anything apart from sticking the cups on your breasts. Wearing it is really that simple.

2. Smooth look: Unlike its counterparts, a silicone bra gives a smooth and even silhouette. You are sure to get an enhanced appearance.

3. Comfortable: Apparently, it turns out that silicone stick on bras are high on comfort. You can wear them with ease while flaunting your outfit at the same time.

Outfits to Pair With a Silicone Bra

1. Low cut evening gowns: Parties call for all those low cut dresses and here, the go to bra definitely turns out to be the stick on bra. It is absolutely seamless and gives a smooth finish to the bustline.

2. Tank tops: A peeping bra strap is usually a problem with tank tops. As this style comes with no straps, you can bid adieu to this problem in a hassle-free manner.

3. Backless tops: Come summers and all you want to do is don those backless tops & dresses. With this bra, you need not worry about any ugly strap show as it goes totally invisible underneath your outfits.

4. Low cut halter outfits: While you can always don a halter bra with such tops, the best option still remains to be the stick bra for it provides a much cleaner look.

Now that you know the different types of outfits you can wear a silicon padded bra with, check out the one that you like the best and let the diva shine in you.

Tips to Wear a Silicone Bra

1. Clean & dry: Wash your breasts with mild soap and rinse it off. Thereafter, dab your skin with a soft towel to ensure your skin is dry.

2. One at a time: Flip the cups on the outer side and place one cup at a time as per your desired fit. Repeat for the other cup. Clip both the cups from the middle to place them firmly.

3. Figure out the angle: Placing the cups at different angles can significantly impact your look. If you want the push-up effect, place the cups from side to side and then clip them. If you want a perky silhouette, you might want to place your bra a little higher.

4. Smoothen it: Lastly, don’t forget to smoothen out the edges. Make sure that the silhouette is as seamless and even as possible to get a nice finish.

Dos and Don’ts of a Silicone Bra

1. Prevent using moisturizer: By all means! Your bra wouldn’t stick properly or worse, can even fall down. Last thing you want is to ruin the appearance of your gorgeous outfit.

2. Opt for the right size: It might sound absurd that even silicone bras have sizes, but they do. If it’s a free size bra, just make sure to adjust it properly to get the right fit and form.

3. Avoid using on damaged skin: Your sensitive skin is already prone to damage. So, refrain from using it on your burnt or infected skin at all costs.

So, now that you are pretty well versed with silicone bras, it’s time to add some to your #underfashion closet right away.


Q1. Is it safe to wear a silicone bra?
A1. As long as you don’t compromise on quality, it’s absolutely safe to wear a silicone bra. Also make sure you’re wearing it for an extended period of time since silicone is not usually the safest bet.

Q2. Is stick on bra washable?
A2. Rinse the bra with water and scrub it to remove any dirt. This will not only help you clean the bra but also retain its adhesiveness.

Q3. How long can you wear a sticky bra?
A3. You should wear it for minimum time possible. Ideally, you shouldn’t wear it for more than 8 hours.

Q4. Do adhesive bras stay on?
A4. Yes, they do as long as you’re sticking to the right size. If you’ve a greater cup size, you might want to look for alternatives or opt for the one with lace tie up in the middle for optimal fit.

Q5. What is the difference between strapless and silicone bras?
A5. Strapless bras are basically similar to your regular bras but are devoid of straps or come with detachable straps. On the other hand, silicone bras are stick-on-bras that have no back coverage.