Valentine and the Sucker Punch!!

Am on a plane planning to put in 2 hours of hard work but every now and then, I get distracted by the ‘I wuv you,no-i-wuvv-you-more’ going on in the seats next to me.

Which valentine couple are you?

We are about to enter the lovey-dovey month of the year. Now, let us introduce you to the glam and glitter of relationships!

31st evening…what’s the hype about?

What are your plans for New Year? It’s another fresh from the pot social pressure, which we feel rising as the last week of December sinks in.

Unfettered Contentment at 30 something!

So, this is what being on the "right" side of 35 feels like, for me. I didn't really know when the big "three-oh" hit me.

Girl on a Diet. Forever!

Ever met a girl who is not on a diet? The answer to this is mostly a big fat (pun intended), No.Even the skinniest of us are always worried about gaining weight.

The Quirkiness of Yoga

Whether it is losing weight or lessening stress levels, Yoga has increasingly become an important part of our fitness regimes.

Lingerie can add fun to everything. Really!

Clovia is all about ‪#‎fun & ‪#‎underfashion. Here's our take on how lingerie can add FUN to even the most serious scenes in these cult classics.

Glimpses of an emotion called “Motherhood”

One day is not enough to feel the awesomeness of a mother. I believe that every day is mother’s day. So, here is me and some of my photographer friends

Moms and their Momness!

Mother’s day is round the corner and we all will go full mush about super moms. But what’s the point? They have super powers and we know it! Our dads know it.

Imperfectly Perfect

Whoever coined the phrase, “the perfect woman” was either mad or stoned. A perfect woman? What does it mean?Decked up with well-mannered style, and prim

Lingerie and the workplace

Where did all this lingerie come from? No, it wasn’t god sent! There were people like you and me who thought of bringing this tiny bit of love into your wardrobe.

Happy Valentine's? Say it with Lingerie

Life can become so enriching if only men knew the gifts we, women want on valentine. Among all the options, what if I told you that this valentine gift her

Meet the Models

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