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What He Really Thinks About You in Your Underwear?

What He Really Thinks About You in Your Underwear?

Underwear is a secret a girl has with only herself. It’s like a secret identity she hides under her clothes, a part of her feminine mystique she keeps tucked away from the eyes of the general public. A lady’s choice of panties has a lot to do with her style.

Here’s what guys are able to guess about your personality based on what kind of underwear you’ve got on under your dress (and dodged the times you weren’t wearing anything at all!) *wink wink*


The Sugar Pop

“These certainly belong to the girl you met at college who would get along with your mom over the holidays. She’d probably even let you watch football while she helped your mom cook.”

Clovia Briefs

High-Waist Undies

The Cat Women

“My gut reaction would be the girl wearing these is all work and definitely no play, but I bet deep down she has a lot of play in her—but she still needs to be in control.”

High waist briefs


The Ultimate Gal

“It’s so little and it’s lacy…I feel like the girls that wear this either have or want to post a sexy picture on Instagram. She probably owns one in every color to match her mood of the day and definitely still likes going out at night. I bet this girl is a great kisser.”

Thong panties

Boy Shorts

The Tomboy

“You look like a tomboy at heart, but you’re still sexy. I bet this is the kind of girl who likes playing pool and thinks she can beat a dude at darts or beer pong or something.”

Boyshort panty

Low-Rise Bikini

The Sassy One

“Guys dig this look. If you have underwear this unique, you must have a lot of basic pairs, which makes me think you must love fashion and shopping…I would be intrigued.”

Low rise bikini

Lacy Boy Shorts

The Surprise

“This type of girl enjoys music festivals—but for a surprising genre you didn’t think she’d be into. She’s probably at a hip bar talking and dancing away to the glory. Irresistible!”

Seamless Undies

The Boss Gal

“These are so simple and particular I’d think you were probably really busy and practical. But of course the kind of girl who wouldn’t wear the same thing to work every day. Her undies are so seamless you might not even be able to spot them *wink*”

Which one are you?

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