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10 Best Thrillers To Watch On Netflix

10 Best Thrillers To Watch On Netflix

What could be more thrilling than sitting at home, safely plopped under your blanket and staring into a screen? I’m talking about watching a thriller movie, obviously! It gets your thoughts running, blood pumping, heart racing and what not! That’s the beauty of watching those thrillers on Netflix. Whether you are looking for something fast-paced and suspenseful, or something more psychological and dark, we have rounded up the best options Netflix currently has to offer.

So grab the edge of your seat and maybe some popcorn and stream one of these 10 best thrillers on Netflix right now!

1. Mindhunter

Curious about crimes and serial killer related thrillers? Then this American crime thriller will blow your mind! It is based on a true-crime book named, Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. The show revolves around 2 FBI agents interviewing a serial killer. If you are interested in behaviour, psychology and how a human mind thinks, then this show is definitely worth a watch!

2. Dark

If you are a fan of supernatural stuff and mysteries, then this German science fiction series will make you go crazy. It has everything you need for a brilliant tv show… say thriller, mystery, horror, drama, love, this has it all. The best part of this series is, it has an unnerving gothic horror feel, without being part of the horror or scary film genre. This show takes time travel to a new dimension and explores it in a unique and bold way.

3. Castlevania

Here’s a good news for all the anime lovers out there. We have found an amazing anime series with dark medieval fantasy. If we talk about dracula and vampire stories then Castlevania is a classic. The writing is gripping & exciting. It is a must see for everyone who is fond of thriller animes.

4. Money Heist

Money Heist
If you all want to experience extreme suspense, plot twists as well as deep human emotions, then this series is for you! Money heist is so far the best series on Netflix, is what I personally feel. It revolves around 8 low-key experienced crooks and a mastermind professor to pull off the biggest heist of all times. If you haven’t watched this amazing crime thriller series , you have no clue what are you missing out!

5. The sinner

The sinner
This American anthology crime-drama mystery series, is a great show for people who love character development and human behaviour. It is really an intellectual series for the storyline and dramatic edge-of-your-seat content all the way through. It often allows you to experience multiple points of view so you can almost have compassion for each and every character.

6. Apostle

Apostle is one of the most exhilarating Netflix horror/thriller with a wild and gory surprise! This is one such movie which starts out as one thing and finishes having mutated into another. The story revolves around a man who tries to rescue his sister from a 19th-century utopian cult, only to discover that the situation is much more complicated than he expected. Critics says, “It is a sin that this film did not get a theatre release”. But we can always watch it on Netflix, right?

7. Burning

Burning is an amazing movie for Korean thriller fans. This movie patiently lures audiences into a slow-burning character study that rewards the viewers patience. The film paints vivid portraits of three different characters and inspires sympathy. Ostensibly this is three kinds of movie in one… a character study, a mystery and a revenge thriller.

8. Cam

For someone who’s a fan of dark movies, this one is for you. Cam is truly a work of art, and is a great film for suspense lovers, it sheds light on a blip in the sex industry and gives us a glimpse of what camgirls do. It follows Alice, an ambitious cam girl, who one day discovers she’s been replaced on her show with an exact replica of herself.

9. Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game
The movie revolves around a couple, where the husband accidentally dies during a kinky game. Handcuffed to her bed with no hope of rescue, she begins hearing voices and seeing strange visions. Psychological-distrubing-suspenseful-dark-unsettling-terrifying, this movie has it all. It is truly a masterpiece that’s thought provoking when it comes to expressing the daunting state of mental confusion.

10. Good Time

Good Time
An unrelenting and bleak thriller, critics also says that this movie is a career best work from Robert Pattinson. Good time is a singularly distinctive crime drama offering far more than the usual genre thrills. The story is about a bank robber who stops at nothing to free his brother from prison, launching himself into nightlong odyssey through New York’s dark and dangerous criminal underground.



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