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15 Exciting Ideas to Unleash The Sexy Diva in You!


Every girl has two sides to her personality – a plain jane type and a sexy diva type. Believe me girls, if you think you aren’t one of those girls who can make heads turn, you’re wrong! I agree with Ariana, God is a woman! And you, yes you can be utterly beautiful and gorgeous. Enough of being that sweet girl next door, now is the time to unleash the sexy diva in you.

Let me share 18 exciting ideas to turn you from a sweet damsel to a sexy diva. Let’s get started!

1.Own It

1. Accept It

First of all, let me tell you that no matter what your body type is, no matter what flaws you have – you gotta accept and own it. It’s YOUR body, YOUR skin and if you don’t love it, who else will? Be comfortable in your skin and feel confident. If you feel confident about yourself on the inside it will definitely show on the outside. Trust me girls, guys find nothing more attractive than a confident girl.

2.Got it? Flaunt It!

2, Flaunt It

Like I said, accept your flaws. Identifying your strong points is as important as accepting your flaws. Great skin, good communication skills, lovely hair or a toned booty; whatever it maybe! Identify your positive points and put them to use. Babes if you got it, then flaunt it!

3.Dress Up

3. Dress Up

Come on, now who doesn’t like dressing up? Well, I agree it could be different for different girls. A few like to dress up on certain occasions, while others like to dress up every single day. It’s okay if you belong to the first category. Dressing up every day might sound exhausting to you, but trust me it isn’t. It’s not about expensive clothes or flawless makeup, it’s just about basic grooming. When you look at yourself in the mirror and feel you look great, trust me you’ll actually slay the day.

All you need to do is, plan your outfit fortnight while you’re trying to sleep. Because I know you lazy girls you don’t dress up cause its time consuming, especially when you’re in a rush early in the morning. Ofcourse, we all know “the couch” when it comes to picking the right outfit for the day.

4.Weekend Outfits


I get it that weekends are meant for lazying around and pyjamas are your go to option. Be it at home with your BAE or with friends for a Sunday brunch. But here are some alternatives to make you look fab from drab. Switch your boring home clothes to a sexy pair of dolphin shorts & your boyfriend’s shirt. Comfy yet sexy, try this and let us know how your BAE reacted to this hot yet casual look. Also, while going out with friends in a basic tee & jeans switch to a lace bralette paired with a maxi skirt or high waist denims. You’re gonna look super chic.

5.Party Numbers

Cage Back Bra

I’m sure you have tons of sexy party number to rock the night away. But there’s another sexy idea that make you look like a sexy diva. Style a low neckline dress with a sexy cage bra and flaunt it. Or try some designer bra straps with shimmer or tiny stones to outshine the night. These tricks can surely make you the party starter.


Push-Up Bra

A gentle push in the right direction is what you need. Literally, a push-up bra can make you look super-voluptuous in no time. A little push never hurt anyone right? It’ll probably just bring you some extra attention. *wink* *wink*

7.Werk It Out

Yoga Bra

Your body is a reflection of your mind and soul. You need to work on all these three aspects. It’s totally natural to feel upset sometimes or feel anxious about something. But, you need to learn to calm yourself down and to not lose focus. The best way out is working out, which doesn’t mean getting yourself a gym membership. It could be through yoga, playing an outdoor game or even listening to music. Identify your therapy and werk it out.


How long are you gonna stick with your boring cotton white, black & nudes bra-panty sets? What’s stopping from your unleashing your sexy side? Now that you’ve got that sexy body, it’s time try some hot lace matching bra-panty sets. You could go for a red underwired bra with a sexy little bikini or for a printed floral padded bra with matching hipsters. Whatever you pick be, a matching lingerie set can make you feel so sorted & confident on the inside.

9.Be Pantilicious


Who knew these sexy little things could bring out the sexy diva in you. Try some naughty thongs by Clovia. With tempting designs and sexy cut-outs, these are sure to make you feel super-sexy!

10.Stand Tall

Body Posture

Your body posture is something people notice at the first glance. Droopy shoulder, slouched back and a drag walk is what makes you look very lethargic and grumpy. Work on your walk & posture, keep you tummy in, chest out, back straight and lift your legs while walking. Take bigger steps, it shows you as person who knows what she wants and where she’s headed to. It also makes you come across as a confident diva who is ready to take the world by storm.



It’s a special night with your man and you wanna make it memorable. What do you do? Ofcourse you wanna look great for him and yourself too. How about ditching your regular button-down shirt & pyjama set and going to something smokin’ hawt! Slip into a sheer babydoll that covers you in the right places and still allows lots of skin show. This is bound to make him go weak in the knees.

12.Shed ‘em Layers

It’s show time baby! Invest in a 7pc satin set from Clovia. This set consists of a stylish sleep top, a pair of pyjamas, a long nighty, a robe, a bra, a bikini and an eye mask- all crafted in oh-so-soft satin. There’s something about satin that makes it look plush & pretty. The fabric glides on the skin like butter, now that’s something sexy! Use it for a girls’ night out or shed the layers for him as the temperature in the bedroom rises.

13.Live, Laugh, Love

Live Laugh Love

Who doesn’t make mistakes? Everyone does, right? So it’s totally normal if you act silly at times, bump into a glass door or trip down the staircase. But what makes a girl attractive is, laughing at her own mistakes & silly acts. Make mistakes, laugh at them, learn from them and move on. That’s how life is and you gotta roll with it girl.

14.Drink & Dine


Stop starving yourself, hoping to be like one of those fashion magazine girls. Like they say, you live only once (unless you believe in reincarnation). Now who doesn’t like a fun-loving girl who loves her burgers & cokes?

15. Invisible Crown

Be You

It doesn’t matter what you do, how you do; what matters is you should be YOU and not someone else. Don’t make anyone your idol to a limit that you start copying them. Let’s come to term with a fact – all of us are different and unique. There’s no one like you and you’re beautiful in your own ways. Always wear that invisible crown, be your own girl boss and go conquer the world.



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