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Yoga at Work

“Dude, I hardly have time to work out.” Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Of course, because that’s our go-to excuse when it comes to exercising or staying fit. We have come up with this “I’ve got a very busy schedule” thing to procrastinate a healthy lifestyle.

But, what if I told you that you can exercise while you’re at work? Yes, you read that right. Afternoon slumps after a heavy lunch is what all of us experience quite often. Stressing over your workload also kind of makes you feel lethargic. But you know what? You can fix it!  Take a few minutes for yoga at the office. That’s right, at the office. Yoga can help you get through a crazy day by lowering your blood pressure, increasing serotonin, and decreasing cortisol. Yoga also helps you focus and releases tension in your limbs.

The benefits of workplace yoga include:

  • Decreased stress levels
  • Release physical tension, brought on by office work
  • Improved posture
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Increased energy


Many of us sit behind our desks and stare at computer screens for far too much of the day. Although concentrated work can be beneficial to our jobs, it can be taxing on our bodies. The following yoga exercises will help you relieve any tension you might feel after too many hours of poring over spreadsheets. The poses also provide long-term benefits with regular practice. Each pose takes fewer than two minutes to complete, and you can do the whole series in just 10 minutes—but I promise you’ll feel the effects long after.

1. Neck Circles

Alignment Points: Imagine a clock right in front of you, and circle your nose around the clock. Reverse directions. If you feel any pain, stop!
Benefits of Pose: Softens and loosens neck muscles. Links movement to breath.

2. Shoulder Rolls

Alignment Points: Make sure your back is off of the chair. If you have a block to rest behind the chair at your lower back, this can assist in supporting a tall spine. Draw circles with your elbows in both directions.
Benefits of Pose: Softens and loosens shoulder girdle muscles. Links breath to movement. Warms up the synovial fluid within the shoulder and helps to release tension.


3. Seated Mountain Pose

Alignment Points: Keep your spine in good alignment with head, neck and spine in one line. Tuck your chin in a bit and gently lift shoulders up, back and down the back. Keep knees in front of hips with your ankles under knees and all ten toes facing forward.
Benefits of Pose: Increases awareness of posture overall, especially the spine. Strengthens all core muscles of torso and allows more space for organs to perform optimally.


4. Seated Side Bend

Alignment Points: Make sure your back is off of the chair. Sit tall and place one hand firmly into the cushion of the chair for stability. Lift the opposite arm up and over. Watch to make sure there is no sinking in the arm or spine.
Benefits of Pose: Aids in respiration. Stretches rib cage and lengthens side body.

5. Seated Child’s Pose

Alignment Points: Sit tall and lean forward resting forearms on thighs. Tuck chin, head, neck and spine in a long line. Inhale deeply and exhale a complete three to five breaths.
Benefits of Pose: Releases tension in lower back and relaxes the nervous system.


I’m sure now you won’t have a reason to not do these simple exercises! So it’s high time you pull up your socks and get your body working. This is a great way to put your first baby step forward towards a healthier life.  #HumFitTohIndiaFit

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