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5 Avant-Garde Ways To Switch To Healthy

Any reason to motivate yourself towards a healthy lifestyle is good enough. As Yoga Day is nearing, we all feel pumped up to try introducing this health regime in our routine but even this time we are unsure as to how long this motivation is gonna last. Adapting healthy food or shedding some sweat every morning seems like such a burden but what if we say that there are easier ways to stay determined without torturing yourself to endless alarms and ‘last a day’ diets. Hear us out!



First thing first! If waking up in the morning is your biggest challenge then let’s start with giving you the perfect alternative to it. Set aside those dreadful alarm clocks and take this process to the next level. Put your favourite beat to work in the morning and feel all charged up at once. Choose the song that you can’t resist shaking a leg to and see the difference. If getting bored or used to the same sound is an issue then try a new song every week or so.


It’s been ages since you went for a run and probably don’t even remember how a sunrise looks like. Then, don’t expect yourself to become an insta fitness guru the very next day. Give your body time to get out of the rust and let it tell you what motivates it the most. Don’t start starving yourself on a Monday just to find yourself hogging a whole pizza by yourself till Sunday. Don’t hit the gym just to have sore muscles all day. A simple walk on the first day or even switching from lift to stairs is not a bad start at all.


Use this Yoga day to start on an active journey rather than forcing yourself to do painful asanas and concentration-less meditation every morning. Physical exercise is meant to keep you healthy and make your body fitter, so feel free to choose the nature of the physical exercise. It can be a simple morning run, a round of your favourite outdoor game, an additional walk during your lunch hour or even laughter Yoga for that matter. Idea is to take your body out of the comfort zone.


Talking about motivation, we all have some. For few, it can be jogging in the park to check out that cute guy while for others it can be losing weight to fit in their favourite LBD again. How about some cute yoga pants or neon tracks? Yes, get yourself trending styles in activewear for women and sports shoes that might look flattering on you while being comfy at the same time. Activewear or sports bra just like any other new piece of clothing makes you feel confident and chirpy. In any case, seeing yourself in a different outfit and a new avatar is always satisfying and an instant boost.



This one never goes wrong! When nothing else is working out, take your motivation along. Find yourself the perfect workout partner that keeps you on your toes and makes you look forward to a morning full of activeness. Nothing fits this role better than your life partner as that gives you another chance to spend some good time with them. Alternatively, you can choose a good motivating friend who’s most concerned about your health or just loves indulging in new activities with you (furry ones too). How about that not-so-familiar neighbour whom you casually observe every day during the walks? They seem like they could use some motivation themselves. So, go ahead grab the opportunity!


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