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Types Of People You Meet On New Year’s Eve

New year’s eve is one occasion that the entire world waits for. People go crazy planning for that perfect Great Gatsby party. We just thought of warning you about the many types of people that you may come across that night!


The Over Excited

Every party has this special guest who is the ultimate ‘party-starter’, this person saves up all the excitement all year-round for new year’s eve. He would also compensate for the grumpy people around. And the club can’t even handle him right now!


The Bling Chic

Girls dipped in shimmer clothes, chandelier earrings and towering heels are easily noticeable at such parties. Just in case the decor wasn’t enough, they are there to make up for it.

The Mushy Couple

You can spot these people dressed in co-ordinated outfits, wearing weird head gears and hugging each all night long. These guys just want to be together everywhere, anywhere and their only goal is to kiss each other at the stroke of midnight.


The Grumpy One

Few people are sad, upset or angry because they have legit reasons. But few people just don’t need any reason to get grumpy. These are the ones who will really want to attend a new year’s party but will prefer spending the night cribbing about the music, the food, life and what not!



Early Sleeper

Remember that person who’s always excited about new year’s, keeps a track of time and want to be the first one to wish everyone at sharp 12 midnight. Yea that same guy will pass out after a couple of beers and you will be found lying on a couch, snoring to the DJ’s beats.


The Time Keeper

You are very likely to find many of this kind. They keep a close watch on the watch and make sure they update you in every 5 mins. Like literally! Every 5 minutes…


The Gourmand

Did someone say free drinks? Well, count me in!
These people will only attend your party if you provide them with free & unlimited food & drinks.




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