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Perfect Ideas To Pamper Your BFF !

There is atleast one day in each week when one of our BFFs needs to be rescued! Be it from a horrible date, bad break up, boss issues or simply a bad hair day! We have them all and we understand how badly we all need some pampering in these testing times. Here, we have a list of things to do which will make you an expert rescuer! We all strive to become this I-know-it-all- girl who has all the cool ideas on how to pamper each other. So go on and be her knight in shining armour!

Basics! – Chocolates, Cakes and strawberry! Ever heard of sugar rush? There is no better remedy to pamper a girl than a sugar rush. Better yet, go on a fake wedding cake tasting. Some fantasies are just so fun!


 Massage= Heaven! – I am sure that there is a female god up above who invented the concept of pedicures, heavenly massages, plump facials and so on. Make a day out of it with your bestie and get everything done under the roof. Look for deals online to make it easy on the pocket too.

Spa Party Girls

Lunch Munch– Ever seen a gang of girls enjoying their lunch under the sun and felt jealous? About time you take an afternoon off and just enjoy a delicious lunch at your local Deli. Add wine to the lunch date and it will be a success regardless of the food.


Guy Bashing– This is my absolute favorite. You know, that girl at the end of the road? She is dating the hot hunk from the next lane and it’s a complete hush-hush since he was dating her best friend earlier? Such a desperate guy! No ethic s in love! We all love gossip. Let’s accept it. And there is nothing better than bashing up the guy next door or the one dating your distant cousin. Have a fun time bashing them all.

Female Gossip

Do I have enough to wear in my lingerie drawer?– Answer to this is always NO! I am always craving for that cute lacy thong or that backless diva! Pamper your bestie by gifting some lingerie. Can’t get a date? Atleast make your friend’s date worth remembering. Charity is purest form of love.

lingerie drawer

Watch a REALLY Romantic Movie – There is always a perfect “Chick Flick Pick” for every girl out there that makes them say “aaawwww” at least 5 times. This movie could help you bond with your bff and make her feel good about having a person beside her who believes that life could be a Fairytale someday.

Ladies Night out – Since your bff always sticks with you through life’s peaks and valleys, how about celebrate this friendship with an awesome “party after party after party” with her. Go to atleast fun clubs in a single night, try out Karaoke, girliest shots that ever existed, hit on the cute bartender and dance your sorrows away!


Guys come and go but your BFF is always there!

Here is to having a great time with your bff.


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