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What to do on Mother’s Day?

6 ideas to make her feel special

Moms all around the world are the same, emotional and sentimental. It’s priceless to see their eyes misty and arms wrapped around you like a cosy blanket hug. We bring to you 6 special ideas that will make her go all awww for you!

Breakfast in bed

C’mon, she’s been cooking for you for life now and making sure that everything on the plate pleases your palate. Surprise her this mother’s day; wake up early (earlier than her) and prepare her some yummy breakfast and serve it to her in bed to start the day with love. A hand-written note along with few fresh flowers will always be appreciated.

Mom’s wish

This DIY is a treat for mums that will last for days & months or probably years. Take a few chits and write down tasks that she has been always asking you to do but you’ve been running away from, like cleaning your bedroom or letting her wash your distressed pair of denim. Now fill a glass jar with all her wishes written on these chits and she gets a chance to pick a chit any time and make you do whatever is written on it. Be careful of what you write, this can shoot back on you if she asks you to make an account on a matrimonial site!

Home spa

Remember the times when she would run after you to give you a shower or to oil your hair to just pamper you. Now it’s your turn to make her feel special and reward her efforts with some tender love and care. Plan a spa at home all by yourself. Caress her ever-running feet by giving them a relaxing pedicure. Pamper her with a head massage and spend some girly time over a manicure or a cup of tea. You can shop some self-care gift combos for her right here!

Because mom says….

Print a few funny lines that your mom uses on you all the time, usually, all moms say the same things. Get those prints framed and gift it to her; she’ll either burst out laughing or might just give you another funny one-liner.


Like mother- Like daughter

Moms can totally be a girl’s best friend! Go matchy-matchy and get similar nightsuits for both of you to chillax in. Post your twinning pictures on social media and flaunt the amazing bond between the two. You do that with your best friend all the time, don’t you? PS: You can get your cute twinning set right here!

Sit & talk

We might not realize but we have become so busy in our lives that we don’t have times for our close ones. Our moms’ job has always been 24*7 with no offs; they have spent years running after us. Now, when we are grown and settled, we don’t often realize that she misses the younger version of us. All that she needs is a conversation with you. Spend some quality time with her; ask her how her day was, tell her about yours. This shouldn’t only be specially done for mother’s day but should be an everyday routine. Remember when you didn’t even know how to talk she knew exactly what you wanted.


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