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Confessions Of Your Favourite Panties

I cheerfully lie hidden under layers of clothing, but at the same time I boost your confidence and speak a lot about you. They say, it’s what you hide, reveals the most about your personality. Well, I know how coy you get about me- me your playful little panty!

I might have been your personal choice, but your choice says a lot about your personality. You have spent a lot of time & patience to cherry-pick me from a huge heap of fancy lingerie. I know how confused and distracted you were, but when you saw me you knew this is exactly what you wanted.

When I and your bra get together, I often tease the bra. You know why? Cause I know how close I am to you. There have been times when all you wanted was to reach home and get rid of that bra. But, that never happened with me, not that I can remember. Unlike that bra never have I suffocated you, nor have I ever invaded your personal space.


Read on to find out what your intimate wear has to say about you:


Bikini PantyYou are the kind of person who is laid-back and enjoy the classic elements of life. You don’t prefer change and enjoy the perfect symphony of comfort and stability.


Hipster pantyHipster panties signify coziness. When the world dances to the tunes of a DJ on a Saturday night, you would prefer staying in, watching Netflix and enjoying the whims of a Chinese takeout.


boy shortI know you have been teased by the name “tomboy”, but you’re too bold to care. You’ve never fancied a push-up bra or a sexy g-string panty. You just love how boyshorts covers your entire silhouette and lets you hit the street in style.

No Panty Line

no panty lineYou are a confident career-oriented woman. You are driven and are a go-getter. You are so preoccupied with work that you don’t have time to bother if your knickers leave a mark.


ThongYou are the real fashionista and like staying up to trend. You effortlessly turn heads as soon as you walk into a room. You have studied the “it” items in town and you know exactly what to wear where. You are the “know-it-all” girl in your squad.


And then there are free-spirited souls out there. You don’t prefer any panty at all. A piece of lingerie cannot restrict you or limit you. You believe that you are nature’s kid and strive to live as naturally as possible.

You are most comfortable with what you are born with!

So, tomorrow when you slide into your favorite panty, remember it reveals more than you think. Embrace the gloriousness in you and slay like a queen.


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