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Curious Case of Lingerie Shopping in My Near-by Store

I read an article lately wherein somebody asked if buy lingerie online is easier than offline and how.  My first reaction was, really!?! How can you even ask this question, only to realize a second later it is obviously a guy asking. The oblivious soul has no idea about the horrifying experience one has while shopping for lingerie offline! This is what I face every 3 months when it’s time to buy something new. If you relate with any of the following, please know you are not alone. Walk of shame! The minute you enter a lingerie shop, everybody from shopkeeper to sales person and even the fellow shoppers start to stare at you and there is only one question ringing in their eyes! What size is she? Or, for my friends who come in the flat category have to face the stare of why do you even need a bra! Well it’s my choice, isn’t it? So stop sizing me up!! Nosy Uncle! You reach the counter and some nosy uncle will run for his life and launch himself in front of you before any of the auntie’s can even stir. How do you say, I would rather shop with assistance of a female? No, you simply can’t! You aren’t comfortable with male assistance? Not their problem!! Did I Guess it Right? First question or rather statement will be, ‘you want 34B pushup’.  It’s almost like he is looking for validation for his guess work. And even that question is a double edged sword! Not only has he guessed it right, he thinks you are in need of a pushup while you were more in the mood to buy non- padded!! How can my guess be wrong? I am a self-proclaimed bra expert! They don’t understand that they could be wrong! No, it’s not an option! Even if you have gotten your sizing done from an expert and are confident about your size, they will invade your privacy and tell how wrong you are!! Madam, you are a 36c! Because I say so! I will now not even show you any other size unless you try a 36C! Fancy? Lacy? Hawwwwww! Did you just say fancy? When is the wedding? Why!! No, uncle I am not getting married! Gasp!! Shockwaves!! Now according to him, I am either in a live in relationship or I have a boyfriend! Why else could I possibly want to wear fancy lingerie? I have zero right to wear Coordinated Sets, Lacy Nothings, Sheer Briefs, Thongs, Beautiful straps if I am not getting married!! They treat marriage as a license at these shops to even show you the good stuff. You look so simple! Who gives you the right to wear color? You have to dress right to shop these days. If you look too simple, they automatically start showing you all whites and grand mom undies. At the best they will show you a black one. You are not allowed to wear color inside if you look Plain Jane outside. Oh you look fancy on the outside! You are wearing red lipstick and your hair isn’t tied up…Pushups only! You will not be shown anything else. They don’t understand that wearing push up bra has nothing to do with whether I am Plain Jane or Dazzling diva! Some of these instances have led me to online lingerie shopping and I believe these lingerie e-stores are god sent! What else could it possibly be? Clovia in particular has turned me into a lingerie addict. Please let go off your inhibitions of shopping online and step into this beautiful world of Clovia where everything that shines is actually gold. I feel like a Sexy Diva even on bad hair days just because I know I am dressed like one!   Posted by Miss SK, a small town girl exploring wonders of the world wide web.


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