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Find Your Perfect Zodiac Friendship Match

What was your favourite part of the newspaper? Well, mine was the astrology section. I would flip the pages all the way just to check my horoscope for the day. Not like it would change my perspective, but at times it would be so on point that it kinda felt creepy.

We never make friends based on their zodiac signs, do we? I mean it would sound so stupid to ask “Hey are you a Virgo? Wow, you’re gonna make a great friend” But when we meet new people and start with small talks, birthdays and zodiac signs are always one of those questions. Not like all legendary friendships are based only on that one ‘true zodiac match’ but what if these zodiac matches are really true?

Read on to find out if any of these stand true for you & your friends.

Aries Leo

Aries and Leo both being fire signs are extremely explosive. When they get together the world can’t stop them. Both are extremely competitive and born leaders. They throw this I don’t give a fak attitude to the world and stick together till the end of the time.

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Taurus –Virgo

This is what happens when two perfectionists meet. A Taurus always knows their worth and is very well aware of his/her capabilities and talents. While a Virgo believes to be perfect is his/her own way. Taureans having a strong will power and Pisces being very loyal together make this friendship of the most faithful one.

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Gemini – Aquarius 

The party doesn’t start until these two make an entry. They are extremely bubbly in nature, very social and total chatterboxes. They have so many stories to tell you about how cool their friendship is. At some point of time, they can actually make you feel jealous with their unreal bonding. Geminis can be a bit moody but an Aquarians charm is hard to resist for them.

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 Cancer –Pisces 

These two are very well connected. You wouldn’t believe but they can talk to each other without using words. Just a look of the eye and a story gets told. A Cancerian friend has a trait of embracing the glorious mess that a Piscean is.

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Leo Libra

Libras are known to be very balanced and homely and Leos on the contrary are known to be outrageous and fierce. When they get together they bring out the best of each other. There’s less of conflict because Leos are born leaders and Libras are peace-makers. In spite of Leos being one of the most dominating signs, the duo’s friendship results to be a very balanced one. Credits: Libras- the selfless friends!

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Virgo – Capricorn

Virgos are very organized and consider themselves to be control-freaks! Capricorns have a lot of self-discipline and standards that are higher than your middle finger. Somewhere, they both share common characteristics and have a similar approach towards life. They can be the best professional partners ever.

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Libra – Sagittarius

They say the opposites attract the friendship of Libra and Sagittarius is one such example. Libras are pretty homely and Sagittarius’ are extremely adventurous. But their friendship helps each other grow. Libra -an air sign stimulates Sagittarius-the fire sign and they can take their friendship to places no has ever dreamt of.

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Scorpio Virgo

Scorpios are very confident people and Virgos breathe perfection. How can this match ever go wrong? Scorpios often challenge the laid back Virgos and try to bring out the go-getter in them. However, Virgos can work their magic through when it comes to calming down an aggressive Scorpio.

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Sagittarius –Aries

Forgiving and forgetting is the beauty of their friendship. They share common traits of being leaders and always knowing what’s right. This maturity and mutual understanding makes their relationship last longer.

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Capricorn – Taurus

A Capricorn likes to do his/her own thing while a Taurean loves to know his/her thing. This is something that builds a great understanding without many arguments and conflicts of interests. They understand what personal space means and even if they don’t agree, they respect each other’s decisions and choices.

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Libra Gemini

Easy-going and practical, their friendship goes a long way. They find joy and beauty in non-materialistic things and that’s what makes their friendship so unconditional. They can never get bored of each other. They are intellectually compatible and can spend hours talking about unimaginable things. They are the ones that grow old together and narrate high school stories.

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Pisces – Scorpio

Just friends? Ahem… we don’t think so. These two signs are so compatible with each other that we really wish it if were a bit more than just friendship. A Scorpio loves getting compliments and a Piscean loves admiring, so there you go! There emotional connect is so strong that we just can’t believe they are “just friends”

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