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Fashionably Funny- Cause Humor Is Always In-Vogue

A good dressing of humour paired with a clever trick never goes out of style. On April Fools’ Day, we decided to have some fun at Clovia.

Have a look at our April Fool prank – ‘A GPS enabled bra that locates your True Love’.


Within first hour, over 10,000 of our customers had viewed this offer. Wow! This goes to show that True Love is not overrated and there are people who are still hoping to find it. In the spirit of the day, here are some more fun pranks that illustrate when the industry dictated the next-big-thing to the fashionably foolish, wearing their good-humoured heart on their immaculately tailored sleeve:

Warby Barker – Eyewear Crafted Exclusively for Our Furry Best Friends 2

If your pooch has been eyeing your eye wear, here’s something that could make it very happy! Played by an American brand of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses – designed some pretty stylish glasses for pups last April Fool’s.

Spray-On Yoga Pants…What?

3 Yes, you read that right. A yoga-inspired athletic apparel company – promoted its new “Spray-On Yoga Pants” last year. So basically the idea is that stylish yoga fans can stay fresh with spray-on yoga pants that come in a convenient can. Talk about the skinniest-looking tights ever fathomed! “Designed for lightweight flexibility and versatility, our newest innovation, Spray-On Yoga Pants, will take us to and through our practice without the fuss,” was the tongue-in-cheek description.

Who Needs Stylish Furniture When You Can Have This – Pants with a Built-In Table and Drink Holder 4 5 Yes, that’s right! You can now wear pants with a built in table – and a drink holder! Here’s the latest in “picnic pants” conceptualized by an Italian design firm. So useful, so unattractive, and so unreal.


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