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Spice Up Your Relationship During Quarantine

Spice Up Your Relationship During Quarantine

While we all are isolated from each other, it is whole different scenario for the couples who are quarantined together. So if you too are quarantined with you partner we have some cool ideas to spice up your relationship during this lockdown period.

1. Revive old memories

Revive old memories
Talk about the best memories you’ve had together. Right from the time you first time you guys met to the latest date night you guys went on. Relive all those wonderful moments you had, go for the old pictures, dig in some sweet memories you cherished together. This will embrace your relationship. Planning a romantic candle light dinner at home won’t be a bad idea either.

2. Get a little naughty

get naughty
Don’t you think this quarantine is a great time to get a little naughty with your partner? I’m sure you can make a little time for that. *wink* We all have that one sexy lingerie item that we’ve been waiting to try on. I think now is the time you try it now and create some bedtime stories. 😉 We are sure you’ll make him go weak in the knees. If you don’t have something sultry yet, it’s high time you invest in something. Check out these sexy babydolls from Clovia.

3. Spend time together

Spend time together
Couples can actually do a lot of fun things together. This is the time to binge watch all those iconic Bollywood movies you missed out on watching together. Two glasses of wine and Netflix is so far the best romantic thing you can do. You can also try to cook new recipes and impress each other; this is a great idea to build up the chemistry. A romantic breakfast in bed is surely the way to your partner’s heart.

4. Maintain the balance

Maintain the balance
To spice up things in a relationship one must maintain the bond. Couples face a lot of up and downs with each other but how do they balance it? That’s the real question. You must value each other’s opinions and privacy. Never forget it’s not you vs your partner but it’s always you and your partner v/s the problem. If there has been some misunderstandings off late, this is the time to talk and sort out it. There’s nothing that can’t be resolved through communication.



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