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What are your favourite celebs doing during Quarantine?

Yes, you’re not alone during this lockdown period; we are all in it together. Staying at home and maintaining social distance might not be easy but it is surely not that difficult too. Wondering what favourite b-town celebs are up to these days?

1. Bebo & Saif Staying Safe

Here’s a quick tip from the Nawab, get ‘booked’ for a while. Reading a book is so much better than watching a series on Netflix. Reading makes your mind exercise as it imagines and creates a visual story in your head as you read a story.  Sorry Bebo, but let’s ditch the gram for a while and indulge in something productive.


2. Kriti Sanon On A Cleaning Spree

Kriti Sanon looks super happy cleaning her wardrobe. Looks like she found some long lost clothes in there. So guys, why wait for your mom to yell and make you clean your cupboard. Spend some time organising your clothes and get your mornings sorted.


3. Maliaka Enjoying Perks of Quarantine 

Maliaka talks about all the perks of staying at home. Cook, clean, workout, stay positive, sleep, some introspection, family time, repeat. Not bad Malla! We can all try doing that.


4. Kartik Being Cute Yet Again

It was really sweet of this chocolate boy Kartik to bake a chocolate cake for his  MBBS sister on her birthday. That’s one skill we all can surely take up one during this quarantine period, right?

5. Hina Khan Takes Up A Task

Hina Khan looks oh-so-cute as she sobs while washing her doormat. Apparently the actress isn’t very happy with the task given by her mom, relatable isn’t it? But we’ve also seen Hina Khan doing some amazing sketching. Guys, it’s a great time to relive those long-forgotten childhood talents.

6. Pro Tips From Katrina Kaif 

Tired of washing the dishes every day? Here’s a pro tip from Katrina Kaif – fill the sink with water, drop in all the dishes, then scrub and rinse. Hope that helps you too.

7. Anushka- Virat Giving #CoupleGoals

Last but not the least, we love this picture of Anushka, Virat and their cutie pet. This celeb couple is giving us major #FamilyGoals, let’s not forget this is the time we can give our 100% to the ones who love us the most. Spend quality some time with your near & dear ones.

So guys, let’s stop all that cribbing about our quarantine stories & make the most of this.

Rachika Singh

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