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Being Beautiful Is a Feeling

The other day, at a fashion show, I was thinking how fashion has changed us all.

One of my friends, who has now ‘made it’ in the fashion world had sent me an invite and I was seated in the front row, right up there close to the ramp. When the dolled-up models started to sashay on the catwalk one after the other, I couldn’t help but notice how comfortable they seemed in those hip-high slit long gowns, off-shoulder dresses and those oh-so-sheer tops that looked so haute! I started to wonder when did fashionable lingerie creep up on us? Did it come in with the swinging sixties of Bollywood (borrowed from the swinging sixties of Hollywood!!! LOL!!). Or did it come with the British Raj and their girdled girlies? Or was it princely India of the Kamasutra age where women took hours to get decked-up in very little clothes…..they would have made today’s see-thru naughty nightwear or night dress and peek-a-boo balconette bras blush!! And yet, there were no catcalls or hoots from the men (who also wore next to nothing, you know….bare-chested waist up and all that). I guess everybody must’ve been comfortable with their bodies and how they looked. If I know anything about fashion, about culture and civilization, it’s this – ancient tribes liked to decorate and show off their physical beauty. Being civilised probably had less to do with covering up and more with ‘if you have it, flaunt it’. These days, why do most people, especially women and girls, feel some sort of shame about their own bodies, their own feminity? I don’t get it. Why do many women want to be cowboys with a bad-ass attitude put on to look a little bindaas maybe? Nothing wrong with that – to each her own thing I guess. But why not celebrate feminine beauty?

It’s the 21st century and things are changing. Agreed that men’s general attitude towards women and their sensuality won’t change overnight and they sure won’t start behaving from Monday morning. But women who stay in hiding aren’t helping any. You don’t have to make a flag out of your red bra and go for a motorcycle ride. But I think we women should start having some fun and come out of the closet to live our dreams, live they way we like to. I’m going to start with my dressing room and get comfortable with my own beauty, for starters. Love handles be damned! (remember those bountiful rings of puppy fat around men’s waists, they’re called tyres my kittens!!).
Let’s just start feeling good about ourselves and less apologetic about our curves (or the lack of them). Let’s just start looking good all over again. In clothes and out of them!!


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