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5 Reasons To Dance Your Heart Out This International Dance Day

5 Reasons To Dance Your Heart Out This International Dance Day

Dance isn’t a talent, it’s an emotion. We all love to dance, whether it is in a club or under the shower. Whether you are an amazing dancer or have two left feet, you can still dance. It is a great way to express yourselves when words are insufficient. Dance is a medium through which you show the world who you truly are, or sometimes it is also an expression of self-love.

So here are 5 reasons to dance your heart out, this International Dance Day.

1.To Express Yourselves

To Express Yourselves
Dance is a great way to express yourselves, it is a medium to project a number of feelings, subtle moods and emotions. Strong emotions like joy, love, pain or anger can be channelled through dancing. Whenever you feel bound to extreme emotion, dance will help you to express those emotions out.

2.Lift your mood

Have you ever felt better after you dance for a while? It is because dance makes us feel relaxed and happy, it can actually help us to raise those feel good chemicals in our body which will apparently make us feel better. Dance is also proven to be a great stress buster.

3.Build your confidence

Build your confidence
While you dance, not only in public but even when you are alone, you feel confident and that’s the impact dance can have on us. It not only helps us in our emotional breakthrough but also builds up our confidence. It gives out a positive vibe which can actually improve our self-confidence and enhances our positivity towards life.

4.Stay Fit

Stay Fit
Dance is all about moving your body to the rhythm and it does result in burning calories. It is a great way to improve your body posture as well as strength. When you dance the blood circulation in your body increases and decreases blood pressure. It has a high case to reduce the risk of heart diseases.


What would be the best way to entertain a crowd of people or to entertain yourself? Dance! Obviously, isn’t it wonderful to watch some dance or to perform? Dance is the soul of parties. Any party would be incomplete without some dancing. It is a lot more fun to dance when you can entertain people around you.



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