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What Your Favorite Lingerie Colour Choice Says About You

Next time you shop for lingerie online, pay attention to the colors you choose because a recent survey done in the UK found out that when it comes to lingerie, the color you prefer is a reflection of your personality. So what does your lingerie say about you?
You know what you want and how to get it. You’re strong, courageous and a go getter. Others admire your ambition and timeless style. You tend to be the dominant one in the relationship and can sometimes hide your true emotions. Shop online for black lingerie here:


You cherish the simple things in life and are extremely low maintenance. You may come across as confident and serious but you’re a die-hard romantic at heart. Your loving and caring nature lets you make friends effortlessly. Shop online for your fave white lingerie here:



Passionate and magnetic, you’re the one in the spotlight wherever you go. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re fully aware of your strong points and use them to your full advantage so that others can’t resist your charm. Shop online for red lingerie here:

Bright Colors:


Fun loving, playful and the life of every party – you’re always on a roll. You have unique taste that makes you stand out of the crowd. Your adventurous nature means that you’re up for anything, anytime – making you popular with absolutely everyone. Shop online for bright lingerie here:



You’re an extremely practical person but that doesn’t mean you’re high strung, quite the contrary. You are laid back and relaxed with nothing to hide. You just like being ready for anything at all times. You choose classic styles over fads, which makes you the style icon amongst your friends. Shop online for nude lingerie here:


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