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Diary of a Maiden: Bollywood Edition

Roses are red, violets are blue…dil chahta hai, dikhe har jagah tu? True romantics are the hardcore Bollywood stan that gets influenced by the cliche track, played over and over again. The antics involved are somewhat desirable but ends up in a cry for help, considering pal pal dil ke paas koi nahi rehta. Valentine’s Day is that one day of the year that tingles the need of having someone and ends up stinging the wound with the surrounding lovey-dovey couples.

Well, a valentine’s vacation in the Swiss Alps surrounded by nature in the arms of your partner is kinda ideal, truth be told, but zara sa jhoomna isn’t our reality. We have mastered the art of being a spectator while others are involved in a PDA. Oh well, apna time bhi aayega. True love or the idea of being in love seems so rewarding in the movies but in real life, is it really worth it? Like, falling in love is precious but the heartbreak that comes with it makes one sing jag soona soona lagge

In a world with woke ideology and a list of lovable attributes, finding a partner is kinda like investing in stocks. You never know your energy or love will be reciprocated at first but have to wait & find out. If that wasn’t enough, the waiting time is excruciating. Not that I am anti-love, having a relationship seems too much of a work for me. 

One thing that Bollywood has made us do is raise our expectations. Our dream consists of a guy like Shahrukh Khan, treating the woman like a queen with respect, but in reality, what we get is a guy doing the bare minimum. Oh, and on some days, we do like the idea of two guys fighting over us, don’t we? Well, finding ‘a guy’ is hard enough, imagine finding two of them. 

Source: TellyChakkar

The technology might have advanced with several dating apps in-store, but none of them really do justice when it comes to finding someone in person. Just someone crossing your way, and the breeze hits you right in the feels, with romantic Bollywood music in the background. Yes, none of it happens either, but what’s the harm in imagining it. 

Honestly, finding love is pretty special once you find ‘the one’, until then keep on looking since your sapno ka rajkumar might be right around the corner. Also, practice self-love since kisi aur ki tumko zaroorat kya, tum khud se pyaar jatao. Prioritising yourself and loving all your flaws will make you a better version of yourself. It’s a great way to boost your confidence. Ishq wala love will anyway happen but become your own favourite, just like Geet(from Jab We Met). This Valentine’s Day, pamper yourself, take care of your needs and be self-sufficient. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Ja Simran Ja, Jee Le Apni Zindagi!

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