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Moms And Their Momness!

Mother’s day is round the corner and we all will go full mush about super moms. But what’s the point? They have super powers and we know it! Our dads know it. Even the God knows it! Nothing new about that. What is mysterious is their wonder ability to love us full throttle one minute and then make us feel guilty the very next minute (reason for guilt is often not even worth citing here). Here, is our collection of wonder stories from our team members about their moms and what we call for lack of better word as ‘mom-ness!!’

Their Tupperware!!

Imagine you have a sibling, a little much loved cutie. Now imagine losing this sibling when mom looked away for a second! Well, that’s the reaction we all get when we lose their, more-loved-than us and definitely more precious – Tupperware Dabbas!! All hell breaks lose!

And don’t think you will skip their wrath if it’s just another reusable food packing carton. No! In the Dabba world, they all hold same value and love from our moms as us. Try lending one to your friend, even the meekest of them and be ready for world war 3!

Lunching Munching!

So, you think you will continue to get home cooked lunch for eternity huh? You think there are no deal breakers on this one? Howsoever angry she may be, she will never stop packing lunch for you? You naïve silly person!! I dare you to take your unfinished lunch back for a day and then see. You think one day won’t make a difference? Not only will you not get lunch ever again, you will hear about it at all parties, family functions, her get-togethers-with-aunties on how she had to stop giving lunch for you never eat it! Of course, she knows it was just one day! But, sorry dude, that’s just how the logic works in their world! Try defying it.

Five days of Love!

We are usually looking forward to visiting home. It’s so good to be with your parents even if for just a few days. Day one & two are the best of them all. You get the best of food, folded laundry, love, pampering and what not. You feel like a king! Life doesn’t get better than this. Third day & Fourth Day – A l’il bit of poking begins and you are asked to atleast wake up on time and spend time with grandparents, take her out for grocery shopping or get bank work done. By the end of this fourth day, you are more tired than you ever felt at college or job. Fifth Day – That’s when the madness begins. She will start telling you to be up by 7!
‘Exercise beta – Look at all that fat!’
‘Utho Beta – Aage zindagi kaise chalegi agar itni der tak souge! ‘
‘Utho Beta – Get some work done with me, sitting all day will not get you anywhere.’
‘Utho Beta – Learn to cook with me, how often can you eat out once you go back?!?’
‘Utho Beta – Utho Beta – Uthoooooo Betaaaa!! Nalayak – Uthte kyun nai!!!’
‘Next step- Beta tumhari chinta mei papa sari raat nai soye!!’ Ofcourse you know he was snoring away to glory and your mom is simply trying to use him as bait to trap you in a vicious circle of guilt! Don’t be disheartened. Just book your tickets already and forget it ever happened. Come back the next time and repeat!

Sixth Sense

We have all done things that we don’t want our moms to know about. Not at the time you are doing it anyway. But, have you noticed, how they always call at just the right moment? You could be stepping out at 2 in the morning for a party a 1000 miles away and out of the blue she will call you and say,’badi tension ho rahi thi tumhari aaj. Neend hi nai aayi’

Now, go ahead party if you can! And I have a feeling; they are usually smiling while doing this. That wicked smile like, Gotcha!! Yet Again! They always call at the weirdest hour and times and at least I, end up wondering if she secretly has an army of spies working for her who are reporting my every move! Could she have these super powers too!?! Could they? Really!!

Her Way or the Highway!

Somehow they have an opinion on everything. It could be world peace or the fact that your AC is on while you went to the washroom. You could want the drawers set up in your room a certain way but you will find it done her way at the end of the day. Try asking why and the reason is rather simple that their way is the best way. So what if this is your room, your clothes or your cupboard.

One of our team member laments on how her mom always switches off the AC at 5 am in the morning for she thinks it’s important to get fresh air. Of course it gets really hot at 6am and of course she sleeps till 8 am and wants AC all the way! But who cares? Mom decided she needs fresh air so fresh air it is. And you end up wondering how she even has the mind space to take it all in and have an opinion on everything in your life.

They are our reality checks and also our punch-you-back mirrors. They maybe unique in their quirks but similar in the love for their kids.

And to all the moms out there, we may crib, fight and get irritated but what are we in front of your super powers and we love you to bits. Happy Mother’s Day


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