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First Bra Queries Solved- Live Session with Dr. Sweta Bajaj

A lot of young girls are often confused and overwhelmed by the thought of first bra. While some are scared with the changes taking place in their body, others are excited to enter the new phase of their life. At the same time, some of the mothers also find it challenging to understand how or when they should buy the first bra for their daughter.

Well, to ease your worries, we invited Dr. Sweta Bajaj, Women’s Health & Nutrition Expert and Lactation consultant to answer all your queries. Here are some of the questions that we asked and her responses to the same.

Question 1: What is the right age to start wearing a bra?

Answer 1: There is no right age to start wearing a bra. It varies from one girl to another depending on her physical development, environmental conditions, and various other factors, such as genes.

Question 2: A lot of girls are quite hesitant about their first bra. What tips can you give to mothers to make it easy for their daughters to step into puberty and make the first bra experience less uncomfortable?

Answer 2. Puberty is a stage that mothers are anxious and daughters are super anxious about. To make it comfortable for mother as well as the daughter, a mother should make herself comfortable first, so that she is not anxious and clear her daughter’s queries. Girls try to gather a lot of information from various sources, such as internet, peers, and so on. Thus, in order to avoid misinformation and gather relevant knowledge, it’s always better for the girls to seek information from their mothers. Another important tip for mothers is to ensure that they get the right sized bra for their daughters and choose a breathable material. Young teens tend to sweat a lot, so it’s always advisable to choose cotton as it is super absorbent.

Question 3: What type of bras should small breasted women wear?

Answer 3:  In case you have small breasts, you should stick to light padded bras on a regular basis as they give a fuller appearance to your breasts without compromising on comfort. However, in case of special occasions, you can wear heavy padded bras.

Question 4: I started wearing a bra at the age of 14. Is it the right time?

Answer 4. No age can define when you should start wearing a bra. Like mentioned above, it varies from one girl to another. Some girls can develop breast buds at the age of 8 while others at the age of 12 or 14.

Question 5: I think I should start wearing a bra now, but how should I ask my mother to take me out to shop?

Answer 5: Usually, mothers are pretty understanding and motivating, but in case this isn’t the case, you should go and chat with your mother. You should open up to her regarding your insecurities- how you lack confidence, refrain from running, restrict yourself from participating in school activities, and so on. Your mother will definitely understand this and take you out to shop the right sized bra.

Question 6: How do mothers find out if it the right stage to wear a bra?

Answer 6: Every mother should start observing changes in her daughter’s body, starting from the age of 7 years. There are many pre-pubertal symptoms, such as underarm hair and breast buds that you must observe. If you feel that your daughter complains of tenderness in her breasts, you shouldn’t ignore it and make sure that she has a smooth beginner bra experience. Not doing so will result in her lack of confidence, no participation in activities, and peer pressure.

Question 7: Should I remove my bra during night?

Answer 7: It depends from female to female. There is no research or study done so far that proves one thing better than another. If you’re comfortable sleeping with a bra on, you sure can wear it. However, if you don’t really feel uncomfortable after wearing the bra for the entire day, feel free to let your breasts loose.

Question 8: Do underwired bras cause cancer?

Answer 8: No, there is no particular evidence that proves underwired bras cause cancer. However, if the bra isn’t in good shape, the wires will poke you, making you uncomfortable. To avoid this, you should buy quality bras and change them every 5-6 months to avoid wear and tear.

Question 9: How frequently does the breast shape and size change?

Answer 9: During 8 to 16 years, the breast shape and size change pretty frequently. However, once you have crossed your teen age, then there are only certain stages in life where drastic changes may take place, such as during pregnancy, after delivery, and so on. The size can also change due to various lifestyle changes, such as diet, gym, and more. The thumb rule is to keep a note of your breast size from time to time to get the perfect fitting bra, which is neither too tight nor too loose.

Question 10: Should teen girls wear padded bras?

Answer 10: There is no harm in wearing a padded bra. If you feel that your body requires the comfort of pads and you feel more confident wearing them, you can easily wear a padded bra.

Question 11: Are there any few additional tips you would like to give all the mothers out there?

Answer 11: A mother should make her daughter comfortable with the changes taking place in her body. Don’t scream on her if she refuses to wear a bra and give her some time to accept the changes taking place in her body. When a girl grows, her hormones are on a different level, very different from that of adults. So, to ensure a smooth experience, measure her properly and don’t focus much on the cup size during the early days. Stick to Clovia’s slip on bras that are very easy to wear and are available in light colours, ideal to be worn under school uniforms. Wearing flashy colours can make the girls uncomfortable as they are clearly visible underneath the clothes. Also, one should never compromise on quality. Poor quality bras can distract the teens and poke them, making it difficult for them to concentrate on studies or just about anything else.

Question 12: Should the undergarment be too tight to provide support?

Answer 12: No, if the garment is a little tight, it will make you uncomfortable. Ideally, your two fingers should pass through the band of your undergarment for a perfect fit.

Question 13: Does the type of bra impact the growth of your breasts?

Answer 13: No, it depends on the various physical developments and not on the type of bra you wear. You should simply pick a bra that complements your comfort zone.

Question 14: Does bra have a role in shaping the breasts?

Answer 14: Yes. If you don’t wear the right fitting bra, it can impact the shape of your breasts. The girls who don’t start wearing the bra when it’s the right time may face sagging when they reach their late teens.

Question 15: What are the disadvantages that one can face due to wearing the wrong sized bra?

Answer 15: You will feel uncomfortable and the bra will cause spillage. If you wear a loose bra, you will face sagging and if it’s too fitted, you will feel suffocated.

Question 16: Should you wear a bra for the entire day?

Answer 16: Yes, you should. It helps to improve your appearance, boosts your confidence level, and provides support. If you don’t wear a bra for the entire day, you may face several issues, such as neck and back pain.

Question 17: Does wearing a padded bra hinder your breast growth?

Answer 17: No, it doesn’t.

Question 18: What are the few tips that you would like to give to teenage girls regarding how they should shop for their first bra if they are doing it all by themselves?

Answer 18: Opt for slip on style bras in nude colours. Pick bras that offer full coverage, so that you don’t face any spillage. You can also go for lightly padded bras for a better contour.

Question 19: What other bra can you wear other than a sports bra for exercise?

Answer 19: It’s usually best to stick to a sports bra if you want to exercise. However, if you’re still seeking an option, go for a full coverage bra as it reduces bounce and spillage, offering better support.

Question 20: Which bra is the best for someone who faces spillage issues?

Answer 20: In case of spillage, you might be wearing an undersized bra, so please make sure to measure yourself properly. You should opt for bras that have a broad side band as they help to minimize the problem to a certain extent.

That was all for the session with our expert. If you have any such questions, feel free to drop us a message and we will certainly get back to you.

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