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Priyanka’s First Birthday with Nick- He Better Make it Special!

Priyanka & Nick are the new hot-shot topic of the town. The duo have made to the headlines with their on and off appearance together. We are drooling over this adorable couple, spotting them together on outings either it be family gathering to events. Amidst the dating and marriage rumours the dashing couple has made quite a few appearances keeping the flames burning.


Met Gala

Their alleged relationship made headlines when the duo first appeared together in last year’s MET gala. They got tongues wagging, as the year have been quite interesting for them. The rumours caught on wildfire as both seen attending family functions and spending quality time together with their respective families. Nick also invited Priyanka to his cousin’s wedding. Now doesn’t that mean a lot?

Damn, he can make the girl laugh!

Nick's Cousin's Wedding

The desi girl looked absolutely stunning at Ambani’s pre-engagement bash. Look at the duo, adorable they look! Don’t they?

Ambani's Pre Wedding

We totally love how she looks at him.

Nick & Priyanka

Here’s them holidaying in Goa with Priyanka’s family.

Looks like everyone loves Nick around.

Nick & Priyanka

The cuties were spotted spending a fun day together in NYC

Nick & Priyanka

Apart from their appearances together the couple keeping liking and commenting on each other’s Instagram posts.

Now, how cute is that!

Nick 's Comment

Nick post an adorable comment- That Smile <3

Today PeeCee turns 36 and we are looking forward to how Nick plan’s to celebrate her first birthday with him. We’ve always seen the lady smiling and blushing when she’s around Nick. So we are sure Nick knows how to keep the girl happy. Nick you’re a total keeper and Priyanka, here’s wishing you a very happy birthday.

And the new rumour is surely a cherry on top as the 25- year old hottie Nick has some special plans for his GF. The love birds are flying to Greece for PeeCee’s birthday for a holiday with family and friends. PeeCee’s 36th birthday will be a special one for the couple, Nick has planned a quick getaway to Priyanka’s favourite beach destination. It better be good Nick!

Wondering, are they the next couple walking down the aisle? We cannot wait for the stunners to get engaged. Let’s wait for the BIG news!


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