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Women’s Day Tribute: Featuring 5 Women Who Inspire Us Daily


Astha Jaiswal

Astha, 23 was born and brought up in Kanpur. Belonging to a traditional baniya community of UP, women in her family had never worked in the professional world. But that didn’t stop Astha from dreaming big. She made up her mind to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Work? and that too in fashion? People thought she’s out of her wits! Focused as she was, Astha got selected at the prestigious National Institute for Fashion Designing (NIFT) and graduated with top honours. And she didn’t stop there! She auditioned for Miss India 2014 and reached the semi-finals.

Now, staying independently in Delhi, she is a part of Clovia’s design team and kicking the proverbial ass :). Her story and energy inspire us every day.

Charu Bajaj

Charu, 37 got married and became a mother even before she could graduate. Born into a family where women stayed home, cooked meals and waited for their husbands, Charu didn’t even understand her potential till she turned 30. By then, a mother of two, she decided to pursue a Masters in Education with full support from her husband. She started her career with teaching kindergarten, slowly evolving into a teacher trainer. Now, running her own training consultancy, she is a celebrated educationist and a much loved Clovia customer.

Living on her own terms, she inspires us to make products that support her in all her moods.

Farah & Nagma

Best friends since kindergarten, these 22 years olds have overcome more challenges than any of us can think of. Born into lower middle-class Muslim families, working women was an unheard concept and higher education an unattainable dream. But the courageous two started to work soon after 12th standard sponsoring their own education and helping their families. Now, proud graduates, they work with Clovia Customer Support Center, helping our customers find their right fits and products every day.

Best friends forever, supporting and encouraging each other, they inspire us to believe in the power of true friendship.

Mitali Gupta

Mitali Gupta, 28 is a doting mother, an excellent lawyer, an Odissi dancer of International fame and a much loved Clovia customer. Dancing since she was five, she has done multiple tours in the US and Europe. Keeping a hectic performance schedule didn’t deter her from pursuing academics with an equal vigour and passion.

As she dons multiple hats, she inspires us to create products that support her in all her life’s adventures.


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