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There’s Two Sides to Everything Especially New Year’s Eve Parties!

Attending a social gathering or visiting relatives when you are 25 & unmarried, unemployed or awaiting board results can give you some tormenting memories that you can cherish forever. If you are any of these, then you know exactly what we are talking about I the new year’s eve disaster plans!

What are your plans for New Year?

It’s another fresh from the pot social pressure, which we feel rising as the last week of December sinks in. It’s almost like committing a crime if you don’t dress up and show up at a party on the 31st evening. But we agree to disagree. Let’s give you some legit reasons for why #NoNewYearPlans is oh so totally cool!

1. Dress Drama

Going from showroom to showroom for finding that perfect dress for the evening


Enjoying the cosiness of warm pyjamas and fuzzy socks

2.  Carb Crap

Trying to lose last minute inches to fit into that perfect dress


Digging into chocolate cakes – coz winters and chocolates, need we say more

3.The Dilemma 

Hunting the best New Year parties in town


Deciding on what movie to rent for the night

4. Hangout Squad?

Finding date or company for the final countdown


Looking forward to the game night with family

5. Money Matters

You see your savings take a hit at the end of the month


You feel the sweet bliss of a full wallet on the first day of New Year


So, if you are also amongst the ones with no party plans. Relax! Cause it’s okay to enjoy your own company or spend time with family rather than feeling burdened to hit a party whether you feel like it or not. Cheers to a hot cup of cocoa and Netflix for this

New Year’s eve!


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