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We Have Got You Covered This Valentine: Episode 2

Valentine’s Day  for single people or in other words popularly known as Single Awareness Day (SAD), is a day single girls pray not to come. No matter how much you avoid there is always a romantic song on the stereo, heart decorations on the nearby store and on top of that your committed friend desperately trying to set you up with every single guy within a 5 mile radius (including that creepy stalker at a coffee shop!), all in a desperate attempt to save you from spending Valentine’s Day – gasp. ALONE. The Nightmare.


Well you need not worry about it any more, let Clovia rescue you from the nightmare. All you need to do is:

#1-    Pamper yourself

 Plan a date with this awesome person you have not loved in a longtime – Yourself!  Book a spa, get some mani-pedi and massage done. After all who else is to be impressed but you.

#2-  Best way to love yourself – FOOD!

How about cook yourself a special dinner with an amazing dessert to end that perfect date you never had. Better yet, order your favorite food and open a bottle of sinful wine. Good food and good wine restore our faith in a higher power up above.


#3- Throw an Anti- Valentine Day Party

 How about a party where you and your single girlies get drunk, dance and trash talk all the cute guys and also the coffee shop stalker kinds! Want it to stretch it out till late- Tune in to an action thriller to kill the Valentine Buzz around!


Happy Super Awesome Day my Lovelies!

FAT Babies

Love Clovia

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