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Yes, We Work For A Lingerie Brand!

Where did all this lingerie come from? No, it wasn’t god sent! There were people like you and me who thought of bringing this tiny bit of love into your wardrobe. There are millions of people working in this industry, not just the designers or the job workers but also the marketing, sales, operations, warehouses, content people, creative and what not. But there is a lot of taboo that comes along with this product and people don’t know how to behave when talked to on this topic. Here are few of my personal favourites:

Laundry Website/Loungarie Website/Lingaree Website

I have heard all forms of lingerie. There was this interview where the candidate continued to refer to us “laundry website”. She had no clue how to pronounce lingerie. I wonder if she even knew what does the word lingerie mean? Also, she was interviewing for the post of a Content Writer, so that was the cherry on the cake.

Lads and Lingerie

When Shawn (name changed for his parents still don’t know where he works) joined us in our data team and was found on Wikipedia reading about ‘Bikini’ and ‘Thong’ to understand the product.

Or, the range of emotions I saw on Lucky’s face (name changed for obvious reasons), our catalogue team member when he was given a thong sample that had just come in back from photo shoot Needless to say, that he was aware that a model has just taken it off.

Or, when two very hard working geeks were discussing certain site filters that must appear for size 36D.
Or my favourite, when in a meeting with a VC you ask him to hold the lace bra and see for himself how good the quality is. You know how we can’t quote any name or give a pic here.

Nosy Uncles (and aunties)

The first question they ask is, where do you work? I happily answer, Uncle, ‘I work for a lingerie brand’! Blank. What now? Lingerie? They usually have never heard of this word. So I happily go on explaining, we sell bras, briefs, shapewear basically everything under the dress and yes, steamy nightwear too. BOOM!! Pin Drop Silence!! You have not only managed to zip it for this nozy uncle, but you have also managed to make it to the out-of-control, crazy-young-girls list. I wonder if his silence means he would also prefer to have a guy sell lingerie to the wife? BTW, this approach does not work with Auntys. They, in a very surprise move, start to talk of their sizes and how no bra seems to support them. This time I am silent. Or was, now I use these opportunities to do a thorough consumer research.

Promotional Father

When your father takes it upon himself to promote your website and do a better job of it than your Facebook marketing!! Each and every one of his office colleagues, bank employees that he had to deal with or for that matter, anybody or everybody who has spoken to my father for more than two minutes has been subjected to at least a five-minute lecture on how his daughter works for a lingerie brand and they must order. No, that’s not it. He gives them out a coupon code too and tells me to track if it was used a day or two later. What, you can’t track if the Allahabad court clerk shopped from your website and used the generic coupon that everyone uses? How silly is your tracking? How will you grow? I am sure someday some aunty will throw him out of the bank for talking about bras and briefs with her. But I doubt if even that will stop him from going all out on doing word of mouth marketing for us.

Size? I no longer need to know

When you no longer have to ask girls for their size while gifting them lingerie. You have started to size them all up like the offline retail lingerie uncle who had x-Ray vision when it comes to size you up. While those uncles may not be right but I always am!


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