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Types Of Annoying Friends We All Love To Have

Types Of Annoying Friends We All Love To Have

When it comes to friends, you will agree no two friends are the same. There’s bound to be a few bad apples in the bunch, or maybe all of them are bad apples in their own ways. But alas! They’re your apples! For whatever reason, maybe they’re excessively critical, everlastingly depressed or just simply annoying. You can’t stand to be around them (but that’s not your choice to make LOL!).

Here, listed are the categories of friends who make you question your friendship… Why God Why?? What was I thinking?


The Bragger

This pretentious one leaves no stone unturned to make us feel jealous of his oh-so-perfect life… His “New Car!” “New Phone!” “New Hair!” posts are a torture to watch.  Also, those exotic holiday snaps when the rest of us are stuck in work or college, and the only beach we will see is the one on our desktop wallpaper.

Empty Pockets

This annoying person loves the good life, but can’t afford it! The friend with the empty pockets will constantly borrow money, but make it look like an afterthought as in, “I forgot my wallet – can you get this and I’ll pay you back?” These annoying people tend to disappear into the bathroom as soon as they see the check approaching the table, conveniently forgetting to contribute to her share of the meal.

Miss Personal Information

They constantly engage you in conversation about their personal lives and personal problems, offering way too much information.  Remember the key point here is, don’t offer any advice – they don’t want it and won’t even remember it. Just keep your ears shut and listen!


Too much advice is never good, especially from a supposed friend. If you’re keeping this person around because of the other wonderful traits she possesses, tell your friend you don’t want advice unless you ask. Another solution? Start analyzing them and they may realize how annoying that can be.

The Faultfinder

You know these friends: They’re always critical of everything you do and say, which can be contagious. If this friend has redeeming traits, ignore the overly critical comments or make a joke by saying something like, “Let’s see if you can last an hour without saying anything negative.”

The Self-Absorbed

Everyone is self-absorbed to some extent, but when a person is always focused on her/him and never lets you share anything about yourself, something needs to be done. She may not be aware she’s doing this, but then you’ve got to let your friend know. If she can’t curb this trait and you don’t want the friendship to end, limit how long you let her go on about herself; then give yourself equal air time.


The Copy-Cat

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but it could create hostility between you and your friend. If you want to keep her around, protect yourself by keeping things to yourself more often or timing when you share information. If, though, this trait is too annoying, end the friendship.

The Promise Breaker

You’re tired of constantly being disappointed by this friend, so if you want to keep this person around, lower your expectations. Also, call your friend on this behaviour. Clue her in by asking, “Did you know this is the fourth time in two months you had to cancel lunch at the last minute?” Don’t abandon the ship yet.

The Risk Taker

From shoplifting and experimenting with drugs to driving recklessly, your daredevil friend’s behaviour should raise serious red flags. Try to protect your friend to stop their risk-taking ways and seek professional help. Till then stay put till the relationship straightens.


The Competitor

Some competition can be healthy — if your friend’s goals or achievements serve as motivation for you. Keep them!

The Controller

Being a Controller is part of this person’s personality, which means it’s a harder trait to break. There is no give and take, as the Controller is uncomfortable and bossy if you want to make a choice about something. But having this friend around is bliss. Especially during the breakups!!

The Downer

The Downer is a person you have to let into your life with care because this trait can be contagious. This friend is overly dependent on you for emotional support or information.  It goes without saying, of course, that these types are always down, but ironically, if you’re upbeat and positive, that may be the reason the Downer was attracted to you in the first place. So when you feel low, this fellow will always be there to accompany you.

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