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An Ultimate List of Bra Types to Suit Every Breast Shape

Bra Types for Different Breasts Shapes

It’s the law of the universe that our five fingers are never the same. The same rule applies when it comes to our breasts. Yes, you really didn’t expect our breasts shape to be exactly the same, did you? Okay, let’s get this straight. We aren’t talking about smaller and bigger boobs. We are talking about different shapes. Just like how you’ve got your hourglass, apple, pear body shapes, our breasts too are quite different from each other.

Some say that there are broadly 7 types of breasts shapes. Basically, that means not everyone can have the same type or shape of breasts. Which also implies that not every woman can wear the same styles of bra. Finding the right types of bra is no longer just about getting the cup and band size right, it goes way beyond that. There are different types of bras for each one of you.

Now you must be wondering which bracket do you fit it and which kind of bra is meant for you? And whether or not you’re currently wearing the correct types of bras. Here’s getting you a list of seven different and beautiful breasts shapes and the most apt types of bras for them.

1. The East West Girl

east west

Do your boobs gravitate outwards? If the answer to that question is YES, you probably fit into the east-west bracket. Your nipples may be pointing out towards two opposite direction of your boobs leaving more than enough space in the center. If this is true, you can now call yourself the east-west girl.

T-shirt Bra: Nothing works wonders than a basic T-shirt bra for a east-west girl. From shaping your breasts to bringing them closer, a T-shirt bra should be your new best friend.

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2. Round & Round They Go

Round & Round They Go

This one’s the genetically gifted one. If you’re blessed with boobs that appear to be very round and full on the bottom and on the top, then you can pretty much call yourself God’s favorite child. Ladies with these kind of bosoms don’t really need too much of fixing or structure.

Any Bra: Not that you really need one. You have the privilege to go and explore the bra-world without facing any dilemma. Everything and anything would look great on you, you don’t have to worry about picking the right types of bras. Just make sure you provide your breasts with good support.

3. Side By Side

Side By Side (1)

Call them your separated twins, ladies whose breasts fall under this category is pretty similar to east-west, except for the fact that the space between your breasts will be a whole lot more. Your bosoms are generally more fuller when compared to the breasts that fit into the east-west category.

Balconette Bra: A balconette bra is designed with wide set straps and a broader neckline with demi cups. This type of bra totally compliments the side by side shape of your breasts and provides them with better side support.

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4. Tear Drop

tear drop

If your bosoms are slightly thinner at the top, but round off to a perfect curve, then your breasts are tear-drop shaped. The is most common breast shape of them all.

Underwired Bras: Just a gentle lift for those babies can make them look gorgeous. Try underwired bras that will gentle lift your bosoms and make them look rounder and fuller at the top as well.

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5. Asymmetric


This is totally normal, women do have asymmetrical shaped breasts. Both the breasts are not the same size. This isn’t just a case with our breasts, in fact even our eyes and ears at times are not symmetrical.

Spacer Bra: Spacer bras are known for their second-skin fit. A padded bra is a total no-no as it may bring draw more attention to the asymmetrical breasts. Instead opt for spacer bras or moulded bra. You could use concealing cups for the smaller breasts to give it an illusion of symmetrical breasts.

6. Slender Figured

Slender Figured

Women who fall in this category tend to have longer breasts. More so like a small cup size; slimmer at the top, a little fuller at the bottom and long, not wide!

Plunge Bra: The most suitable bra is this scenario is the underwired plunge padded bra. Underwires help in lifting your breasts while the plunge necklines creates an illusion of a cleavage.

7. Bell Shape

Bell Shape

Normally, breasts under this category are round and full, but slightly bell out at the bottom. Quite similar to slender looking breasts, but this bracket tends to have more D and D+ cup size bras.

Full Coverage Bra: Pretty much every type of bra would work here, but a full coverage bra would best, because this category sees a lot of heavy chested women.  Full coverage bra will prevent unwanted spillage.

These are some of the types of bras available for every breast shape. Check out our collection and find the best lingerie set – bra and panty for your needs!

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