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How To Wear a Shapewear Under Lehenga?


The wedding season is around the corner and all brides-to-be are busy with the shopping. Some of them are already exhausted from their never-ending list, but one thing they cannot miss is shapewear. Yes, shapewear is very important for a bride and helps to make her look flattering with little to no effort. Shapewear can be worn under any dress. Now many brides ask if they can wear shapewear under a lehenga. Let’s see

Can You Wear Shapewear Under Lehenga?

Yes, you can. Bridal lehengas are already too heavy and have many layers. Why should I wear shapewear under them? Well, you are absolutely right about it. But I am not talking about bridal lehenga, I am talking about light lehengas which brides wear in pre and post-wedding festivities. Under these light lehengas, you can wear shapewear.

Why Should You Wear Shapewear Under Lehenga?

Simply because you want to look flawless. One of the main reasons for wearing shapewear is to eliminate all the bulges which might make your sleek lehenga bulky and ugly. Wearing shapewear can help you achieve a smooth and seamless look.

Type of Lehengas You Must Wear with Shapewear

Fish-cut / Mermaid Lehenga
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1. Fish-cut / Mermaid Lehenga – As the name suggests this lehnga is very sleek and offers a mermaid silhouette to accentuate your curves. Any bulges looking through the lehenga would make the attire bad. Hence, wearing a shapewear will leave you with the desired flattering fit.

Satin Layered Lehenga
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2. Satin Layered Lehenga – Also known as tiered lehenga, this type of lehenga is made with many tiers. But the upper part remains sleek to offer a mermaid look. Again to look seamless and polished, wearing shapewear is mandatory.

Lehenga Saree
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3. Lehenga Saree – It’s a pre-stitched ensemble for brides and bridesmaids. It’s a blend of saree and lehenga, the upper part is sleek like a saree but the lower part is fuller like a lehenga and has ruffles or tiers. Likewise mermaid & tiered lehenga, wearing a shapewear underneath a lehenga-saree will only accentuate its beauty.

Things to Remember While Purchasing Shapewear for Lehenga

1. It should be comfortable.

2. It should be flattering to one’s body shape.

3. It should complement the outerwear.

4. It should be colour-coordinated with wedding outfits.

Shapewear is a great option when you want to give your curves that extra support and shape. Also, no matter what your body type, shapewear flatters your figure while giving it a smooth finish.

For brides on the heavier side, there is special shape-wear lingerie that can help them take off inches off the waist. Shape wear also comes in nude, white or black and nude ones are very popular since they are literally like one’s second skin. Stomach and hip-shape wear are known to have helped many brides make the best of their wedding attire by taking care of lumps and bumps.

How to hide your belly fat when you are dressing up for a wedding?

1. Work with subtle concealers in your outfit

Apart from a flared bottom and a dupatta over your belly, there are subtle things you can do to look slimmer around the belly. One of the most important things is to make sure you do not draw any attention to the belly area. Avoid having any embroidery or pattern near the tummy area. Also, cover the belly fat by making your blouse end just below the edge where your lehenga or saree begins. If your outfit has a border, make sure it is in the same shade as the colour of your lehenga.

2. Pick the right colour

Dark colours have a slimming effect on the body so always pick shades in black, navy blue, maroon or deep green for your outfit. Avoid horizontal embroidery or prints and try to pick a monochrome outfit. Having different shades of the same colour on the bottom, the top, as well as the drape, gives an illusion of continuity that makes you look slimmer and more toned.


No matter how beautiful your attire is, even a small bulge down your tummy can make the whole attire look odd. The market of shapewear has taken to new heights. Girls are grateful for the wondrous trick that can set the bulge right and let you be all mind fuming. Don’t let that small flab ruin your attire. Clovia opens a vast body shaper range for you. We make sure that you look your prettiest best with comfortable and effective shapewear which will give you a flab-free figure within seconds.

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